Fungal Caverns

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The Fungal Caverns are a mushroom-themed biome found to the west of the Coal Pits and in the center of the Underground Jungle. A small Fungal Caverns biome is also found in the top-right corner of The Vault.


The Fungal Caverns can be a very lucrative place to visit early in the game, as it contains much higher tiered wands than can normally be obtained in the Coal Pits. This comes at great risk, as the caverns are littered with mid and late-game enemies such as Turso, Pikkuturso and the lethal Robottikyttä. In addition, the Humid Biome Modifier is applied by default, making projectiles experience moderate deceleration while in the biome. Note that if a Biome Modifier is randomly selected, it will override the humid modifier.

The caves themselves are riddled with tight passages, often lined with steel beams that restrict movement and prevent easy digging. Rooms can be completely sealed shut, so without explosives you may find it hard to reach many areas. Growths of fungus are prevalent everywhere, and eating them will cause a wavy colorful effect and distort the music (in large enough quantities triggering a Fungal Reality Shift).

Fungal Caverns (Coal Pits)

Fungal Caverns

The eye platform.

Around the western edge of the biome, there lies an inverted triangle built out of Holy Mountain brickwork, with a glyph depicting an eye. A notebook rests on top of it, reading:

Book of Guidance

One of my brethen ran away in order to escape our predicament...
They felt our understanding of this world was to be forbidden.
They hid something here, in this room, but...
...I lack the ability to truly see what is here!

Holding the Paha Silmä on the platform will reveal a glowing glyph resembling a mushroom with three eyes in its stalk. Triggering a Fungal Reality Shift on the platform will reveal a second notebook, which reads:

Notes on Grand Alchemy

Among the great alchemical endeavors there are some that,
while not equal to the Great Work, nonetheless are revered greatly
for the deific potence they instill to whomsoever succeeds
in harnessing their power.
The One I am about to discuss calls for a Seed of great promise,
hidden deep within the Soil of this Earth...

When Paha Silmä is near the triangle platform, a rainbow mushroom image to appear in the air above the platform.

A multi-colored mushroom image

Fungal Caverns (Underground Jungle)

A tiny Fungal Cavern is also present in the very center of the Underground Jungle



Music that plays here includes:

Track 14 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Audition of The Fungi King".[1]

Track 18 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Taste of Fabulous Tentacles".[2]


  • Nov 28 2019:
    • Added Häivehiisi to spawns.
    • Added Jättikonna to spawns.