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Many game concepts can be hard to understand, and Noita does little to explain most of its mechanics. Here's a collection of guides written by the community to help you on your way.

Be aware that they may reveal game elements you might want to discover on your own.


Guides describing tips and tricks for general gameplay, or details about specific game mechanics that don't fit into other sections here.

Wand Mechanics

Guides dedicated to wand building logic, how it works and how spells and modifiers interact.

Expert Guides

Tightly focused guides on specific features of Noita, the behaviour of particular spells, or the fine details and interactions of game mechanics and how to use them.

Game mechanics/internals

Particular spells

Particular uses


Advanced Runs and Endgame Content Guides

Glitches and Exploits

User Guides

Guides written by individual users. These are not held to the general style or standard of the wiki, and may not be actively maintained.

Videos for newcomers

Newest at top.

The Ultimate Noita New Player's Guide -- FuryForged (30 min) -- 2023-09

More of the best minimal slot wand builds in Noita! -- FuryForged (17 min) -- 2023-06

The best minimal slot wand builds -- FuryForged (8 min) -- 2023-05

Noita Wand Guide For NEW Players -- DunkOrSlam (11 min) -- 2022-12

The New Players Essentials GUIDE To Noita -- LetsSufferTogether (55 min) -- 2021-11

Welcome To Noita, You Suck -- DunkOrSlam (80 min) - 2021-09

Noita 1.0 Beginner Tips -- Alexander Cochran (11 min) -- 2021-03

Noita Tips for Beginners -- McQueeb (35 min) -- 2020-11


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