Glitch: Infinite wands and spells

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Spell quantum split.png This article is about Glitch: Infinite wands and spells, not to be confused with 5 wand glitch or Guide To Infinite Lifetime Spells

Inventory overflow glitches allow one to carry 5 (or more, depending on the method) wands, select them via [Previous] and [Next] item key-bindings, and fire them. They also enable overloading the Spell Capacity on a wand.

Top 5 simplest and most powerful exploits in Noita - FuryForged --- shows atomguy's 5-wand overflow technique

Carry more wands! - Pand1024 --- demonstrates both a smuggling and alternative window-switching overflow technique which allows for 5 or more wands; note that running in windowed mode may be an additional prerequisite, at least on some window managers

See video guides by Aliasbot, for wands, and for spells:

Part 1 - example with wands

Part 2 - example with spells