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Noita contains many different kinds of creatures, most of which are hostile to you, as well as to most other creatures in the world. Learning how to handle each of them is fundamental to survival.

All creatures belong to one of the many factions, which affects how hostile or indifferent they are likely to be to members of other factions. Creatures that belong to the same faction are generally not hostile to one another, although all creatures will retaliate when attacked (even if the attacker is a "friendly" creature, and the attack was aimed at something else).



Miscellaneous Monsters

These monsters generally have a faction all to themselves or share a faction with only one or two other closely-related enemies at most.





The Hiisi are a diverse type of humanoid enemies that reside within the mountain, and have a variety of different weapons and machinery at their disposal.


Robots are dangerous machines, resistant to most damage types, except explosions, electricity and Concentrated Mana. They mostly guard The Vault, but can occasionally also be seen in Fungal Caverns.


Healers are comprised of a variety of Hiisi and robots, and generally will heal or provide buffs for any allies nearby. They consider most other non-player factions their allies. Excluding Coward, all members of this faction have a minimum aggressiveness of at least 90, preventing them from being pacified by any fewer than four More Love perks. Coward will be pacified with a single more love.



A mysterious group of mostly undead alchemists that have their home in the ancient laboratory, some of which appear throughout the mountain.



Adept and diverse spellcasters that specialize in all kinds of magic.



All worms move through terrain, larger ones destroying a larger variety of terrain as they do. All of its blue varieties can rarely spawn anywhere within the mountain.

Helpless Animals

A group of helpless creatures that spawn in certain locations (such as the Lake), or as a result of a Effect polymorph.png Polymorph or spell.


Mimics are entities that seem to be something else, at first…

Bosses & Boss Minions


  • In Finnish, the word 'Hiisi' denotes a graveward or (more commonly in modern Finnish) spirit, that protects burial-mounds, much as the Hiisi of Noita seek to prevent you from descending the game's mountain. Hiisi can also mean goblin or troll (though trolls may also be called peikko).
  • Most humanoid enemies will pick up wands that they walk past. If an enemy that is holding a wand in this way is kicked, the wand will fly out of its hands.