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If you have arachnophobia or a similar condition you may want to download a mod or a texture pack to change this enemy, as it may scare some people.

Lukki (listen Audio.svg) and Hämähäkki (listen Audio.svg) (also known as Daddy Longlegs and Spider respectively) are spider enemies native to the Underground Jungle. They are fairly similar in appearance, although the Lukki has much longer legs, as its name implies. While the smaller Hämähäkki is capable of tunneling through any terrain, the long-legged Lukki is not.

Pikkuhämähäkki (listen Audio.svg) (also known as Small Spider) is a smaller variant of the Hämähäkki.


Spiders travel around using their many long legs, completely ignoring gravity, as though they walk on the background terrain rather than the foreground. If given the chance, they are capable of wandering up high into the sky, although they are very unlikely to get that far unless chasing you. They generally tend to follow you around while they are nearby, but they do not tend to chase particularly aggressively.

Spiders can use their long legs to attack you as long as they're in melee range. They typically take a few moments to target you, with one leg following your movements, before lashing out with a quick jabbing motion, which carries a fair amount of knockback. Even though the Spider itself won't target or chase you, the legs can still attack you while Effect invisibility.png Invisible. They have no ranged attacks, and if a spider takes too much damage, it will usually attempt to flee.

They tend to group up with other nearby spiders, making them an easy target for area-of-effect attacks, and are vulnerable to explosions. These larger spiders may passively attract the smaller Pikkuhämähäkki if they are nearby, which proceed to closely follow them around.


Pikkuhämähäkki behave very similarly to their larger brethren, with the exception that they do not have the same size and reach. Instead of attacking with their limbs, these smaller spiders simply seek to overrun their enemies, dealing damage to anything they manage to touch with their small bodies and presumably ravenous mouths. Additionally, they do not spawn normally in the world; instead, attacking the large green nests will cause them to come out and join the fight.

The number of small spiders a nest contains seems to vary, but as a rule of thumb they tend to respond to more rapid attacks more so than very damaging attacks to the nest. If their nest takes enough damage, it can be destroyed. However, given that their nests are not an obstruction and can be completely ignored, it can be safer to avoid a fight. While relatively harmless in small numbers, large swarms of these small spiders can prove a decent threat.

Combat Tips

  • It is a rather sturdy enemy and will take a sizeable amount of damage to kill. It may be prudent to avoid them rather than fight if your wands aren't capable of sufficient damage output, and return to fight them with better wands later.
  • Spiders can be a good gauge of your progress in terms of firepower, as their home Jungle biome precedes the Vault, which has a lot more enemies with similarly high HP.
  • Prefer high-damage wands over rapid-fire wands, as their natural defenses to many damage types are less of an issue for high-damage spells.
  • Spiders take the most damage from melee and slice attacks, followed by fire and ice.


  • Spiders can occasionally spawn inside the terrain. While this doesn't harm them, they are generally unable to get out on their own. Even the spiders capable of digging are unable to escape, as they seem to need to be already moving before they can dig through any terrain.
  • Despite not being affected by terrain-destroying modifiers, they are counted as physics enemies, and as such they'll be pushed and pulled by Burst of Air and Black Hole.


Two Hämähäkki in the Underground Jungle.
Pikkuhämähäkki coming out of Lukki Eggs and a Hämähäkki in the Underground Jungle.


  • Nov 28 2019:
    • Added Pikkuhämähäkki to the game.
    • Unique graphic for Hämähäkki created. Previously shared the same graphic as Lukki.