Underground Jungle

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Underground Jungle

The Underground Jungle is a mid-game biome filled with greenery. The enemies start to get tanky at this point, and pose a real test for your current wand arsenal. Fortunately, the wands that spawn here are very potent.

Layout and hazards

The Underground Jungle is reminiscent of the Coal Pits in how the terrain is formed, but with more dropshafts leading straight down and choking greenery all over. Trees grow in the background at various places, which turn into Rigid Body solids that block your path if damaged. The ground consists mostly of Soil, with patches of barren soil that bursts into flames when set alight, opening up new passages.

Fast growing plants sprout in bundles when approached, creating poisonous buds that pop when damaged.

Points of Interest

The jungle is the only place that has a sub-biome in the middle of it, a piece of the Fungal Caverns. Other than that, the Jungle also plays host to a fairly large amount of Max health upgrade pickups, randomly scattered in the area.

Examples of the Munkki statues

Within the Underground Jungle are four statues, depicting the robot Munkki that are found in the Snowy Depths above, with small variations in their carved designs that provide clues to a secret.


With the bulk of the Hiisi forces left behind in the Hiisi Base, only their most hardened troops venture into the jungle. You may encounter:

Bear in mind that the large specimens of the spider family can, and will, try to dig through terrain to get to you, even through the brickwork of the Holy Mountain and triggering the angry gods event to summon Stevari.

Connected Areas

The portals at the bottom will take you onwards toward The Vault.

A lucrative opportunity lies in the Dragoncave that always spawn inside the eastern wall. Killing the boss inside may provide you with a Max health upgrade and a powerful wand.

Access to the dangerous Lukki Lair lies to the west, connecting with The Vault below as well as an Orb room further west (and down).

The entire area is split into 2 distinct biomes. This will affect how some types of random Teleport move you around, such as Unstable Teleportatium which will not cross biome boundaries.

Biome split