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Skoude (lit. Cop, sometimes referred to in the community as Scott) is a significantly stronger variant of Stevari, which will spawn in its place in Holy Mountains after angering the gods if at least 3 Stevari have been killed already.

After killing 3 separate instances of Stevari that were spawned from a Holy Mountain, the player receives the message The gods are enraged and all further Holy Mountains will instead spawn Skoude. Additionally, further damaging Holy Mountain brickwork after this event will give the message The gods are very angry with you

Behaviour & Combat

Skoude is significantly stronger than Stevari, with 900 HP and two layers of shielding. In addition, it is completely immune to all freeze and electrical stun effects. Upon gaining line of sight with the player Skoude will start dissolving all terrain around itself, including Holy Mountain brickwork and physics objects. As a result, landing a hit with Emerald Tablets and Summon Rock is generally quite difficult.

Similarly to Stevari, the Skoude has a long range and a short range attack. At long range, the Skoude casts a pair of quickly accelerating explosive projectiles, which explode into a spread of 5 bubbles on impact. At short range, it shoots out similar little sparks to Stevari, though they are more damaging than those used by Stevari.


  • Ambrosia stains will keep you safe.
  • Pheromone ghosts can be employed to defeat Skoude safely.
  • Any kind of Plasma spell, especially with a Homing modifier.
  • A Homing modifier on a Rock


Noita How To: Killing Skoude aka BIG STEVE - DunkOrSlam
Wand ghosts obliterating Skoude - Letaali


A demonstration of Skoude's abilities. Note that the brickwork around the tunnel to the perk area has been dissolved