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Between the Temple of the Art and Magical Temple is a strange triangular shaped structure, that repels projectiles. This is the Gate Guardian. It is generally inert and unresponsive to almost everything, but it can be awoken with the right tools. The artwork on its surface depicts several hints as to what is required to awaken it.


Throwing 3 of any Egg at the triangular Gate (or casting 3 Summon Egg or Summon Hollow Egg) at it begins the boss fight. The structure splits into 4 pieces, and the gently projectile repelling field is transformed into a damaging aura on each construct.


Once awoken, the Gate Guardian splits into four very similar constructs (named Veska (listen Audio.svg), Molari (listen Audio.svg), Mokke (listen Audio.svg), and Seula (listen Audio.svg)), which fly around haphazardly trying to get close enough to you to cause damage. Each possesses an ominous red aura which, unlike in their inert state, will deal rapid curse damage to any living things that come within its range.

Their auras are also capable of removing terrain quite quickly, although they have no ranged abilities. The fight typically consists of evading their advances whilst trying to deal enough damage to bring them down. Each of the four constructs is an obstacle to the others, so in most cases only one or two will manage to be a threat at any given time, unless you are in sufficiently open space to allow them all to approach at once.

The terrain-clearing effect they emit on waking up creates a sort of arena that is somewhat helpful to your mobility, but also assists the guardians in being able to target you all at once. In more cramped quarters, they struggle to reach you all at once. Despite their ability to erase terrain, they will tend to prefer going through already accessible routes if any are available, and they tend to avoid moving too close to each other.


Because they are physical entities, similar to Verikristalli and the other floating crystal enemies, their physical form can be damaged directly with matter-destroying spells. If enough of their physical form is destroyed, they will die, although killing them in this manner does not award the kill to you (i.e. the kill will not be recorded in the Progress menu).

For a more direct kill, explosion damage typically is the most effective at penetrating their otherwise quite sturdy defenses. Slice damage is also a very effective method, although there may be some issues with the disc projectiles interacting oddly with the guardians' rigid-body forms, as most slicing projectiles can bounce off of solid objects. Chainsaw can be quite an effective option with a setup that allows it to be dealt at range, but close-range attacks should be avoided.


Screenshot of the Gate Guardian
How to easily defeat the 🔺 boss in Noita - FuryForged


  • The awakened constructs can be moved with Vacuum Field; this will sometimes cause them to destroy parts of their physics entities and leave those entities behind, becoming red glowing shapes. These red glowing shapes keep the curse damage, matter-eating fields, hit box, and some ties to the physics entity (destroying more of the physics entity will warp remains to the red shape, and, if close enough together, cause the red shape to disappear without dropping rewards). When this first occurs, affected parts will also stop pursuing you; however, after restarting the game, the red shapes will resume pursuit, and may rebuild their physics entities. In rare circumstances, this behavior may be useful as a digging or damage tool.
  • This boss' loot is only affected by parallel world number and seed, meaning that the exact coordinates they die in will not change the spells they drop.

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While fighting the Gate Guardian, the music from Track 13 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 3 titled "Triangular Structure" is played.[1]