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The lake is an area to the west of the Snowy Wasteland at the edge of the world. The lamprey appears to be found here.

Points of Interest

  • The Lake Island is in the middle of the Lake and harbors many rarely seen non-hostile creatures such as deer, ducks, sheep and reindeer, along with a large wooden humanoid effigy. There is a 75% chance the island will have the humid effect.


The cave under the statue containing the essence
  • In the cave beneath the effigy, you can obtain the Essence of Fire, a hidden perk that causes you to explode every 1.5 seconds.
    • Filling this cave with Blood will spawn a portal leading to the giant skull in the Desert.
  • The Essence of Spirits can be found at the very bottom of the Lake.
    • The lake itself is as deep as the entire main game path through the biome levels and Holy Mountains, so the journey to the bottom requires either the Breathless perk, some method of evaporating massive amounts of water, or the ability to dig through the Extremely Dense Rock, avoiding the bulk of the water completely.


Abandoned Hut

The hut, along with the Alchemist's Note.

On the eastern edge of the Lake there's a small hut, similar to those spawned with Kammi, with a depiction of an Emerald Tablet on the background wall. Inside it is the Alchemist's Note:

Alchemist's Note

Here I'm safe. I am safe.
I left the others behind. And I have locked my research so that only those with real understanding can reach it.
I should not worry. As long as I resist the temptation. I will be safe.
I know my limits. Here I am far away from them.
I should not worry.


  • Throwing an Emerald Tablet into the hut will open a green portal, leading to a steel chamber within the lake below. Inside the chamber is a Kadotettu alkemisti, a unique Experimental Wand with stats comparable to wands found in the Fungal Caverns or the Coal Pits, and a collection of cosmetic Glimmer spells, unlocking them for any future runs.
  • Similarly, throwing a Stone Tablet into the hut will open a green portal to a second, deeper steel chamber. This chamber has 2 secrets.
    • First, there'll be a Experimental Wand, albeit with stats similar to those found on Temple of the Art, and a collection of Requirement Spells, plus unlocking them for future runs. Unlocking them will award their respective pillar atop the giant tree.
    • Secondly, entering the chamber will cause a Wand Refresh to appear about 2 screens to the East of the steel chamber, in the top-left corner of the Frozen Vault.
  • It is possible to edit your wands within the chambers the first time they're entered.


  • While it is perfectly possible to drain the lake of water, this is inadvisable due to its sheer volume and subsequent data load it puts on your save file, which can lead to crashes. Perform at your own risk.
  • During Jussi, Effect drunk.png Drunk Hiisi will appear on the island.


  • The wooden figure at this island is possibly a reference to wicker man effigies.


  • Nov 5 2019: Added the SPOILER: ability to fill the island cave with blood to spawn a portal to the Desert .
  • Sep 25 2019: A cave beneath the effigy was added to the game.


Lake Island
The lamprey, on the left edge of lake.