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The Requirement spells put conditions for a spell to be cast, depending on the type of Requirement spell. Their main purpose is to be able to add spells and conditions to an existing spell when the requirements are met, albeit this requires a large amount of space.


  • The spells essentially function as an if-else block. This is evidenced by the glyphs translating to "if", "else" and "end".
  • Having an "if" requirement without an otherwise or endpoint, will only affect one spell immediately following the requirement spell.


The spells can be unlocked by taking one of the Stone Tablets (a specific type of reforged Emerald Tablet) over to the Alchemist's hut located at the eastern edge of the Lake. Throw the tablet into the hut, and enter the portal that appears there. The portal leads to a small room directly below, which if entered via the portal, will contain a powerful Experimental Wand, a selection of Requirement spells, and some furniture. The room also allows wand-editing within, on the first visit. Doing this also spawns a Wand Refresh in the top left chunk of the Frozen Vault.

Example usage

This concept was originally devised by Priskip. It enables continuous spawning of enemies, including Jättimato which might drop an Extra Max Health. (Note: it is no longer possible to spawn Leggy Mimics, as of April 2021)

Wand 0821.png
Long-Distance Cast
Warp Cast
Requirement - Every Other
Double Spell
Projectile Transmutation Field
Spark Bolt
Requirement - Otherwise
Teleporting Cast
Piercing Shot
Add Trigger
Circle of Unstable Metamorphosis
Touch Of Smoke
Requirement - Endpoint
Double Spell

More details (on an earlier version of this wand concept) are explained in the following video by Priskip and LetsSufferTogether: