Snowy Wasteland

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The Snowy Wasteland is a biome found on the surface, west of the Giant Tree and east of the Lake. There are some enemies populating the ruins found on the surface, mainly Hiisi.

A short distance away from the Giant Tree there's the stone pillar, with the Paha Silmä resting on top.

There is a flimsy wooden bridge over a chasm, similiar to the one before the Mine's Orb Room, that connects to the Frozen Vault.

Just before the bridge above the Frozen Vault, there's the western Essence Eater altar.

It ends on a cliff to the Lake area, where you can find the Music Machine previously present on the Lake island. Here there is also a pillar with an eye symbol. Holding the Paha Silmä on top of it will reveal a series of red platforms overhead that lead to the western Cloudscape.

Connecting Areas

  • Below the bridge in the west you will find the Frozen Vault, a variant of the normal vault with a snowy theme.
  • To the west from the bridge you will find the Lake.
  • Below the eastern half of the land you can dig down to reach the Snow Chasm.
  • At the east end you will find the Giant Tree and the Forest (which is probably where you came from).
  • Just before the tree, you can dig down to reach the Ancient Laboratory.