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The beginning.

The Forest is the first area encountered in the game and has a passage to the Mines. Every new game will spawn you here.

The most obvious route forward is through the short Mountain Hall to the East, and down into the Mines. The Mountain Hall usually contains a minecart or wooden cart, which many players will kick ahead or even ride down the slope, occasionally resulting in an enemy death. Rarely, it will contain an oversized wooden skateboard instead.

The Giant Tree

Main article: Giant Tree

To the West of the entrance to the Mines is the Giant Tree. The Tree can be climbed, leading to a few branches. On each branch is an egg which when broken will usually spawn a worm of random size. At the base of the Tree is a pool of water leading into the ground and then up through the trunk. Inside is an Emerald Tablet. Attempting to climb the tree will spawn a swarm of Happonuljaska below. With better spells and perks, these can be killed with relative ease, but this may be difficult for players just starting a run.

The top of the tree and western face contain additional features, for those who are able to reach them.

The Floating Island

Above the entrance to the Mines there is a small Mountain of rock and snow, and above that is a floating island. The island contains an altar, as well as an Orb of True Knowledge and Emerald Tablet within a small cavity.

The altar has several functions, depending on what is sacrificed upon it.Some of the sacrifices will unlock Achievement Pillars.

  • Dropping an Emerald Tablet, including reforged tablets and most other lore-text books, on the altar will turn the tablet into a pile of gold (around 150-300 Gold nugget.png, depending on the physical size of the object) with the message Your curiosity is rewarded
    • The first two tablets sacrificed in this manner during a run will only yield gold. Sacrificing more than two tablets will also have a chance to spawn three Helvetinkatse[1] on each subsequent tablet sacrificed, with the message being replaced with Your curiosity is rewarded, but...
  • If you manage to get a Worm Crystal from a Holy Mountain all the way up to the altar, a multitude of large worms will fall from the sky, with the message That is not what you seek!
  • If a Greed-Cursed Crystal is ferried to the altar, green Meteors will rain from the sky which create a moderate amount of gold on impact, with the message your curiosity is rewarded
  • If a Treasure Chest is placed on the altar, 15 to 45 new chests will rain from the sky, with the message your curiosity is rewarded. This event can only happen once per game, even when using new altars in Parallel Worlds.
  • Celestial Scale will spawn gems. Sacrifice the gem will spawn sun of certain type.
  • Bring Munkki's statue which can be found in the Snowy Depths to the alter will rain Jättilaser-lennokki with Munkkis' hands.

In addition to sacrifices, there are ways to complete the game using the altar.

Main article: Endings

If you kill the final boss, collect The Salt, and return to the floating island, it will be possible to "Complete The Work" while standing on the altar. The effect this has depends on how many Orbs of Knowledge you have collected:

  • 11 orbs - The world will turn to Gold without killing you.
  • 33 orbs - An animation will play, showing the day/night cycle being reversed, and the view fades to black. The message The world has been restoredand everyone is much happier is displayed. After ending the game and starting a new game, this unlocks a permanent cosmetic amulet for you character.
  • If neither of the above preset endings are triggered, one of two things will happen:
    • If the New Game + orb requirements are satisfied, NG+ will begin: you keep all your wands, spells, and perks, and the world will be regenerated. See the NG+ page for details on the orb requirements.
    • Any other amount of orbs without satisfying the NG+ requirements - The world will turn to Toxic Gold. This will normally kill you, but having Toxic Immunity will allow you to survive.

The Pond

Beyond the mountain, but before the Desert, there is a small pond with fish in it. At the bottom is another instrument similar to that at the top of the giant tree. When struck, it will start to play, and the fish will begin to gather around it. Again, shooting the instrument with certain projectiles will damage it and eventually cause it to explode. No other known effects have been observed.

Connected Areas

  • Proceeding into the mine entrance will land you in the Mines and the start of the main path through the game.
  • Beyond the tree to the west you will enter the Snowy Wasteland.
  • Above the entrance and over the mountain heading east, you will eventually come across the Desert.


Weather is a random phenomenon that happens on the surface at the start of the game in the Forest biome. When you first spawn, there is a small chance that it can rain or snow.

When any type of rain occurs, there will also be a randomly variable amount of fog and clouds.


Rainy weather has a 1 in 15 (6.67%) chance of happening. If it is triggered, one of the following gets chosen.

Weather Chance
Weather Chance Material
Light Rain 95% Water
Heavy Rain 4.9% Water
Blood Rain 0.08% Blood
Acid Rain 0.01% Acid
Slime Rain 0.01% Slime

The chance of each type of weather compounds with the overall weather, so for example there will be a 0.0047% chance of blood rain every run.


Snow has a chance of happening instead of rain based on your computer's clock during December, January, and February. During these times there is a 1 in 12 (8.33%) chance for snowy weather in addition to the chance for rain. The Freezing biome modifier will also be applied to these starting areas if it snows.

Weather Chance
Weather Chance Material
Snow 75% Snow
Slush 25% Slush


  • Dec 19 2019: Added weather system.
  • Oct 23 2019: Added a secret that SPOILER: creates worm rain if a worm crystal is brought to the floating island altar .
  • Oct 11 2019: Added a rare chance for a Skateboard to spawn at the beginning.
  • Oct 1 2019: Slight increase to the quantity of water on the floor of the mountain entrance.
  • Sep 26 2019: Added a chance SPOILER: to spawn enemies when a tablet was dropped on the altar .
  • Sep 25 2019: Added a secret that SPOILER: rewards you with gold for dropping a tablet on the floating island altar .


The base of the Giant Tree
A branch of the Giant Tree with a nest containing a pikkumato or mato egg
The floating island and altar above the mountain on top of the Mines
Trees and mushrooms in the Forest on top of a grass hill.


  1. The precise chance for the unfavourable outcome is 1/7 (14%), but this chance increases for each tablet after the third sacrificed during the same run, up to a maximum of 1/2 (50%). The formula for the chance of triggering the unfavourable outcome is 1/(10 - min(tablets_eaten, 8)).