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Grass is a common surface material that can spontaneously grow out of exposed soil.


Grass can be found all over the surface and in many below surface biomes. It also spontaneously grows from soil type materials. When covered completely it will eventually become soil.

When the Freezing biome modifier is applied, all grass (normal variant) and moss in a biome gets replaced with the frozen variant called Ice (not to be confused with other Ice materials).

When the Hot biome modifier is applied, all grass (normal variant) in a biome gets replaced with the dry variant. When water comes into contact with the dry variant, it can consume the water to become normal grass.



If grass does not have contact with air then it becomes soil.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
2 [grows_grass] + Air Grass + Air
2 Grass (Dry) + [water] Grass + Air
80 Grass + Healthium Divine Ground + Air
80 Divine Ground + Urine Grass + Healium
80 Pus + Grass Pus + Smoke
100 Corrupted Rock + Grass (Any) Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Grass (Any) Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Grass (Any) Gold + Gold
80 Purifying Powder + Grass (Any) Purifying Powder + Water
50 [acid] + Grass (Any) [acid] + Flammable Gas
8 Lava + Grass (Any) Lava + Fire
80 Purifying Powder + Ice (Grass) Purifying Powder + Water
50 [acid] + Ice (Grass) [acid] + Flammable Gas
8 Lava + Ice (Grass) Lava + Fire


Grass covers a soil hill in the Forest biome.


  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Can now be created when urine comes into contact with divine ground.
    • Added a new darker variant of grass.