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Wax is a powder and solid material that defines candle props and their interactions.


Candle props can be directly eaten to cause the Effect farts.png Gassy effect. Wax powder can melt when in contact with fire or lava, but the prop variant will be unaffected.



Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Molten Wax + [cold] Wax + [cold]
50 Molten Wax + [water] Wax + Steam
50 Molten Wax + [frozen] Wax + [frozen]
50 [acid] + Molten Wax [acid] + Flammable Gas
50 [acid] + Wax [acid] + Flammable Gas
20 [fire] + Wax Smoke + Molten Wax
10 Molten Wax + Air Wax + Air
20 Molten Wax + Water Wax + Steam
80 Wax + [lava] Molten Wax + [lava]
100 Corrupted Rock + Wax (Any Variant) Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Wax (Any Variant) Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Wax (Any Variant) Gold + Gold


A wax candle found in the Magical Temple.