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Juhannussima (listen Audio.svg) ("Midsummer Mead"), is a rare potion which applies the Effect wet.png Wet status effect (same as water) when applied to clothes, and the Effect drunk.png Tipsy status effect when consumed. It is not as effective as water at removing toxic sludge from your clothes.

During the late June Midsummer holiday event it will rarely appear in the world.

Unlike whiskey, Juhannussima is not flammable.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
80 [lava] + Juhannussima Rock (Mossy) + Fire
80 Purifying Powder + Juhannussima Purifying Powder + Water

Seeds during holiday event

During the holiday event, it can be found in the seeds:

Seed Location
1629387662 In the Snowy Depths, (right, down, right).
1709914910 In the Mines (almost directly under start position).
382868887 In the Mines (near spawn position X-1731, Y-65).
829054484 In the Mines, in the lower third on the left side in a chest and another on the ground below the chest.
328482662 In the Mines (almost directly under start position).
2042432055 In the Fungal Caverns.
747877324 Directly underneath spawn.
616587815 In the Mines (go right upon entering Mines to the wall, drop down, it's immediately left below the Berserkium tank).
348888588 Near the top center-left of the Mines.
767703859 In a potion shop in the center-right of the Mines.
1784606094 In the Mines diagonally right of the entrance.
384682931 In the Mines, first visible potion after entering the level.
18736636 Temple of the Art, to the right almost to right wall and down about 1/3 of biome

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  • Apr 8 2024: Now reacts with lava to create mossy rock.