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Flummoxium is a multicolored liquid that stains a creature touching it with the Effect confusion.png Confused status effect, a debuff that reverses movement direction on the horizontal axis. It wears off quickly with movement but can make enemies get stuck against a wall when affected. Enemies with a lunging melee attack will lunge in the wrong direction while under its effects. It will not cause enemies to fire in the opposite direction but will increase the projectile's spread, reducing their overall accuracy. Projectiles should still be avoided despite the distinct lack of accuracy.


Flummoxium can spawn in regular Potions somewhat commonly, and may occasionally be found in the Ancient Laboratory in pools. It can also spawn randomly through Fungal Shift.


Consuming Flummoxium from a flask will provide a +10s duration of the Effect confusion.png Confused effect for every 10% drunk.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
25 Flummoxium + Berserkium Pheromone + Pheromone
35 Flummoxium + Blood + Oil Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine
45 Flummoxium + [sand_metal] Levitatium + Levitatium
100 Flummoxium + Unstable Teleportatium Guiding Powder + Fire
15 Worm Pheromone + Worm Blood Flummoxium + Flummoxium
80 Purifying Powder + Flummoxium Purifying Powder + Water



Flummoxium suspended in a container in the Ancient Laboratory