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New Game Plus (NG+, New Game +) can be entered after collecting the Sampo. Instead of going through the final portal to The Work (End), the Sampo has to be taken to the altar on The Floating Island along with a number of Orbs (see below).

Orb Requirements for Entering NG+

The exact orb requirement for entering NG+ depends on the current level (sometimes called depth) of NG+ you are in.

The base requirement for initially entering NG+ is 5 orbs, but this requirement goes up an additional 1 orb each time you want to enter a further level of NG+.

The game will indicate the level of NG+ you are entering upon its activation at the sky altar with an in-game message (first New Game +, thereafter New Game ++ etc., with the number of + symbols increasing with each level of New Game +).

In other words, you always need 5 orbs, plus additional orbs equivalent to the level of NG+ you are already playing in. Note that collecting too many orbs will prevent NG+ from being possible to start. See the table below for a full breakdown.

The number of orbs with which you entered NG+ does not affect the entry requirements for the next one.

Red is Toxic, Orange is NG+, Blue is Pure, Green is Peaceful, Black is impossible to attain. The x axis depicts the level of NG+, with 1 being the normal game; the y axis depicts the number of Orbs of True Knowledge.
NG+ Level Orbs Required
1 5 - 10
2 6 - 10
3 7 - 10
4 8 - 10
5 9 - 10
6 10
7 12
8 12 - 32
9 13 - 32
10 14 - 32
11 15 - 32
12 16 - 32
13 17 - 32
14 18 - 32
NG+ Level Orbs Required
15 19 - 32
16 20 - 32
17 21 - 32
18 22 - 32
19 23 - 32
20 24 - 32
21 25 - 32
22 26 - 32
23 27 - 32
24 28 - 32
25 29 - 32
26 30 - 32
27 31 - 32
28 32

The current maximum NG+ level is NG+28, since the number of orbs required for the Peaceful Ending at the sky altar is 33 or more.

When the Sampo is placed on the altar and the required number of orbs have been collected, New Game + will begin.

You will remain on the sky altar with your same wands, perks and health, but the world around you will be generated anew, with a number of differences.

Differences From New Game

  • Enemies have more health and attack more aggressively or rapidly. For example, the Rynkkyhiisi fires several times a second as opposed to about once a second.
    • The formula for enemy HP scaling includes a minimum and maximum scaling component:
      • Minimum HP Scaling: 7 + 2.5 * (ng_plus_level - 1)
      • Maximum HP Scaling: 25 + 10 * (ng_plus_level - 1)
  • Damage to you multipliers are tripled for Poison and Melee damage, and doubled for all other damage types every time a new NG+ level is entered.
  • Enemies drop more gold, and quite a lot more blood, as both of these scale with the entity's maximum health value.
  • More enemies and a slightly wider variety of enemies spawn in each biome.
  • Most world states are not reset when the new game plus world is generated. For example, if the gods were angered, they will still be angry after activating NG+.
  • The final boss difficulty is scaled up by the same values as an additional +1 Orb per level of NG+.
  • Most mini-bosses do not appear in NG+. Syväolento, Sauvojen tuntija, Limatoukka and Suomuhauki can still be fought in NG+.

Biome and World Generation Changes

New Game + significantly changes the world generation, making the world layout quite confusing even for seasoned players.

  • The brickwork surrounding each Holy Mountain will extend farther in to the East and West, with additional portals.
  • The Holy Mountains between the Snowy Depths and Hiisi Base as well as between the Underground Jungle and The Vault are missing, and instead the respective biomes immediately transition into each other.
  • Secondary biomes such as the Fungal Caverns, Desert Chasm, and Magical Temple are not in their usual locations, sprawl great distances, and may intersect with each other, the main biomes, and/or usually isolated biomes, making the underground world much more interconnected than usual.
    • Others, like The Gold, may not generate at all.
  • The Tower does not appear at all, though a small piece of Cursed Rock remains in the upper right corner of where it normally would be.
  • The Anvil room does not appear in NG+.
  • The Sun Quest Altars do not appear in NG+. The giant mushroom starting hint is also missing along with the brickwork structure pointing to it.
  • The Meditation Chamber does not appear in NG+.
  • The Kuulokivi room does not appear in NG+.
  • The Moon Radar perk room does not appear in NG+.
  • The Chaingun room does not appear in NG+.
  • The Music Machines do not appear in NG+.
  • The Celestial Scale does not appear in NG+.
  • There is a pixelated diamond shaped structure made of the Magical_Temple biome 5 chunks wide and 5 chunks high, with a 1 chunk Water_(Biome) at the centre.
  • Most Orbs of True Knowledge and their accompanying rooms will be displaced to semi-random locations.
    • The only orbs that remain in their original places in NG+ are the two atop the Mountain altar and the Pyramid in the Desert.
    • The Lava Lake no longer exists, and the orb rooms that are normally underneath and across from it are in different locations. The orb underneath the lava lake is normally missing in parallel worlds in the regular game, but will be present in its new location in every NG+ world.
    • As a result, the maximum number of collectible orbs is increased from 31 in the regular map to 33 in all NG+ maps.

Additionally, depending on the NG+ level number, one or more specific modifiers will be applied to the world generation.

NG+ Level Modifier
2, 4, 6, ... Replace normal biomes with Tower version, including Tower-level enemies.
3, 6, 9, ... Randomize main biomes (Normal biome order is randomized, and can get Sandcave, Frozen Vault, and Magical Temple randomly mixed in)
5, 10, 15, ... Adds large chunks of Extremely Dense Rock chunks across the map. (Needs verification/clarification.)
7, 14, 21, ... Replaces all surface biomes with Snowy Wasteland.
3, 25, 26, 27, 28... Forces the Orb Room in The Work (Hell) to spawn at the very bottom of the initial Hell layer. This also triggers an endless stack of duplicated Orb Rooms to spawn below it as well, forming a sort of tower of orb rooms. Orbs from other parallel worlds' Hell biomes may spawn in this tower duplicated many times, but no other orbs will spawn here.


  • A bit like Parallel worlds, New Game + will allow you to gain more gold and perks, parallel worlds may be a more appealing option due to New Game Plus having fewer Holy Mountains and much tougher enemies.
  • You can collect the orbs after defeating Kolmisilmä in case they do not want to give it the increase in health it receives for each orb.
  • Activating a new game plus mode in a parallel world makes you start the new game plus mode in that parallel world.
  • Killing Kolmisilmä is not a requirement to trigger NG+, but you will need to have the Sampo and at least 5 Orbs. Entering NG+ is a potential way to "escape" the fight without killing Kolmisilmä.
  • The damage scaling in NG+ can be partially counteracted with perks that confer resistances – like Revenge Tentacle (25% projectile resistance), Revenge Bullets (20% projectile and explosion resistance), Revenge Explosion (25% explosion resistance), Slime Blood (25% projectile resistance), and Stainless Armour – a significantly worthwhile investment for going deep into NG+ cycles to counteract the massive damage scaling, as these perks can all scale your resistances for each stack of the perk.

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