Ancient Laboratory

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Ancient Laboratory

The Ancient Laboratory is a hazardous biome located west of the Dark Cave, littered with traps and tough, late-game enemies. Early-game players may want to steer clear of this location and return at another time when they are stronger, though the rewards for crossing its expanse are potentially great.

This biome is the most reliable source of powerful magical liquids such as Ambrosia and Berserkium, though the dangerous enemies within are able to take advantage of these liquids themselves.

You should be wary of a multitude of obstacles while traversing:

  • Magical ceiling laser traps that deal 25 damage per shot, and can briefly stun you.
  • Statues of you (Patsas) that turn hostile when approached.
  • Pools of various magical Potions liquids, ranging from harmful to helpful.
  • Hanging vats of magical potion liquids hanging from the ceiling.
  • Very dense walls made of Runic Brick material you will have to navigate around without a very powerful digging spell.

At the western edge of the Laboratory, the Ylialkemisti miniboss guards the Abandoned Alchemy Lab.

Going further west from Abandoned Alchemy Lab leads you to the Snow Chasm. At any time, you can dig through the ceiling of the Ancient Laboratory to access the surface of the Snowy Wasteland.



  • The Ancient Laboratory is the overhauled form of the now-removed Twisty Passages from early access.


Ceiling traps
Proximity activated fake statue enemy (top), along with a normal statue (bottom)
Pool of naturally generated Teleportatium.