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A branch with an egg on the Giant Tree

The Giant Tree is a colossal tree which is found a short distance west of the mountain entrance to the Mines. The Snowy Wasteland is to the west of the tree.

The wood that the Giant Tree is made of is a stronger and more resistant variant. Because of these resistances, in order to reach the other side, you must use explosives, digging spells, wands with spell recoil powerful enough to generate "thrust" for upwards flight, certain magical potions, or teleportation. It is also possible for a Worm to dig a hole through the Giant Tree or to the upper branches where you can then easily levitate to the treetop.

If the starting potion is a mud potion, it is possible to spray some on the side of the tree and perch on the mud pixels to recharge the levitation, making one able to climb to the other side.

A single sip of Levitatium is also enough to be able to reach the top of the tree. Levitatium can be created by mixing Flummoxium with any of the sandy metals, copper being the most abundant in the Mines.

The Tree does not spawn in Parallel Worlds.

Right side

Alcove containing Eternal Wealth.

At the base of the Tree is a pool of water which leads to an air pocket inside the tree. Inside is the Secretorum Hermetis. The entrance to the water may be blocked by terrain depending on the world seed, requiring a way to dig past it.

On its east face are branches at various heights that hold nests containing special Eggs. The eggs in these nests will usually be Wiggling Eggs (containing a worm of a random size), with a rare chance of being Purple Eggs (containing 3–5 Hämis). If you navigate slightly above the level of the first nest, 10 Happonuljaska will spawn offscreen to the right and fall to the surface, providing a nasty surprise for new and/or unprepared players looking to walk back to the Mines.

The nests have a strange hitbox.

The first branch on the east side is connected to an alcove that houses the Curse of Greed challenge perk.


The Achievement Pillars are found along the top of the giant tree.

At the western edge lies a large Music Machine which plays music when struck. Shooting the instrument with certain projectiles can damage it and eventually cause it to explode, rendering it useless.

Some explosive mushroom spore pods can also be found on the treetop.

Left Side

The mysterious monument.

On the West side of the tree is another alcove where a monument seemingly constructed from 28 heads.

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The heads on the monument are seemingly constructed from 28 heads of Kolmisilmä, bearing glyphs that can be translated to read BAMMALAM/552 and a final sigil representing an Orb of True Knowledge.

This is a monument to the player who was the first to venture to New Game + 28 and defeat Kolmiisilmä with all 33 orbs, which requires 552 orbs to be gathered across all the NG+ cycles during that single run, before successfully defeating the boss who will have 141 quintillion HP.[1]


In the centre of the tree is an isolated area that needs to be reached by digging, containing the Kantele and its set of musical notes spells.

As a Holiday gift, this area grants the power to edit wands between 23rd and 27th of December.



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Getting into the Tree from the start of any run - FuryForged


  • Dec 19 2019: Added a SPOILER: cavity to the tree containing the Ocarina note spells and unnamed flute wand .
  • Oct 11 2019: Added a small chance for the Wiggling Egg to be replaced with a Toasty Egg.