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Teleportatium is a cyan colored magical liquid that causes creatures who come into contact with it to be stained with Effect teleportation.png Teleportitis, causing them to be periodically teleported.


The direction of the teleport can be adjusted by aiming in the direction you want to go, but this is not always effective due to terrain interference in which case you will end up in a random direction instead.

A quick stain can last anywhere between 1 to 3 teleport jumps. Drinking 10% from a potion will give 5 seconds of the effect, resulting in usually a single teleport.

Teleportatium is part of world generation in the Ancient Laboratory, or rarely in large vats in Hiisi Base. Other locations include under the portals leading to a Holy Mountain, and in Liquid Tanks in the Mines. Unlike Unstable Teleportatium, it does not spawn on pedestals, so the only ways to get naturally flasked Teleportatium is catching it in the air when thrown by Puistokemisti, or from extremely rare random material drops (~0.0002%) in Treasure Chests.

It's also a highly flammable material, and will very quickly burn up when in contact with fire, leaving behind Freezing Vapours.


Teleportation Mechanics

Teleportatium starts out as 100% accurate, attempting to teleport exactly in the direction you are pointing. If this fails, it does rapid attempts with 0% accuracy, meaning it looks for a valid teleport destination in any direction.

For Minä, there is a biome restriction on the teleports due to how Noita loads areas, the teleport can only take you:

  • From a Holy Mountain into another biome
  • Into the same biome

The minimum distance of a teleport is 128 pixels and the maximum is 1024 pixels, which is equal to two biome pixels or chunks.

If there are no valid teleport destinations, no teleport happens.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 Copper + Teleportatium Brass + Smoke
50 Odd Brickwork + [water] Smoke + Teleportatium
21 Teleportatium + Whiskey Unstable Teleportatium + Whiskey
10 Teleportatium + Concentrated Mana Fire + Concentrated Mana
5 Unstable Teleportatium + Teleportatium + Water Unstable Teleportatium + Unstable Teleportatium + Unstable Teleportatium
20 Unstable Teleportatium + [slime] Teleportatium + Teleportatium
20 Unstable Teleportatium + Hell Slime Teleportatium + Teleportatium
80 [lava] + Teleportatium [lava] + Teleportatium Cloud
60 Diminution + Teleportatium Diminution + Unstable Teleportatium
10 Teleportatium + Silver Teleportatium Cloud + Teleportatium Cloud
70 Teleportatium + [lava] Freezing Vapour + [lava]
80 Purifying Powder + Teleportatium Purifying Powder + Water


  • While a finicky substance, it can nonetheless be used to escape from being cornered by dangerous enemies.
  • You can use Teleportatium to access otherwise inaccessible ledges high above. Make a small hole in the ground, fill it with the liquid, and then jump into it while aiming up. Alternatively, you can aim directly up and spray some of the potion on yourself. This will both cover you in teleportatium and put your cursor above you. You'll be teleported a good distance into the air, likely allowing you to access an out-of-reach ledge or floating landmass.
  • SPOILER: Teleportatium can be used to gain access to the Floating Island above the starting point in the Forest.
  • SPOILER: You can also use teleportatium to both escape and re-enter the Holy Mountain without triggering the collapsing entrance and curse that prevents wand editing.
  • SPOILER: Can be used in The Hourglass Chamber to create a portal to the Eye Room, containing 8 random, potentially useful Spells.
  • SPOILER: Kolmisilmä has a material vulnerability to teleportatium at 14 Orbs.


A pool of Teleportatium in the Ancient Laboratory
Chaotic Teleportatium can be purified into normal Teleportatium using Slime.
Teleportatium can be converted into Teleportatium Cloud using Silver.

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  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Can now be created by mixing unstable teleportatium with any slime including hell slime or pea soup.
    • Now reacts with lava to create teleportatium cloud and freezing vapour.
    • Now reacts with silver to create teleportatium cloud.