The Hourglass Chamber

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The Hourglass Chamber is a secret room located right above the Hiisi Base hidden shop, either in the East or West walls of the biome. Inside there is an hourglass containing a small pool of Blood in the bottom which can be filled with different liquids to activate beneficial events.

Activating the portal is an achievement displayed as a segment on the Achievement Pillars.

Hourglass filled with unstable teleportatium. Ambrosia at the bottom reduces the amount of teleportatium needed. Material checker made visible with a mod.


There are 3 different ways to activate the hourglass, but only one can be attained per game.


If you fill the hourglass with enough of any material with the [blood] tag (such as Blood), all of it will turn into about 1,000 Gold nugget.png worth of gold powder. You can then collect it by breaking the hourglass, becoming oiled, or teleporting into the bottom of the hourglass.


If you fill the hourglass with about 70% of a regular flask of Teleportatium or Unstable Teleportatium, a portal will appear above the hourglass. The portal will take you to an eye-shaped room that contains 8 free Spells, chosen at random from all unlocked spells. If you fill the bottom of the hourglass with a liquid heavier than teleportatium, you can get by with only spending 44% of a teleportatium flask.


If the hourglass is damaged or broken prior to activating any other effect, it will trigger an Earthquake.


The teleport event.
The gold event.
The earthquake event.
The eye-shaped spell room reachable with Teleportatium.