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Spell quantum split.png This article is about the material. For the spell, see Blood (Spell).

Blood is a deep red liquid which can sometimes be found in Potions, and is bled by many organic enemies.


Blood's stain effect protects from Fire, as well as granting an increased chance of dealing Critical Hits (+5% chance per Projectile, Static Projectile, or Material type spell cast together in the same "casting state", which is applied to every projectile produced).

If you possess the Vampirism perk, you can drink blood to regain health, restoring 40Icon hp template heart.png for a full flask of blood. This also applies for drinking most blood that organic enemies bleed.

Pouring blood on Lava will create Volcanic Rock, which is slightly more durable than ordinary Rock and will not melt when in contact with lava.

Blood (Fading)

There is a variant of blood (labeled blood_fading in the files) that looks and acts like normal blood but will be converted quickly to Air if exposed to air. It is bled mainly by you, as well as a few other enemies. Enemies that normally bleed the fading type of blood will typically bleed non-fading blood when damaged by Slice damage.

This fading variant does not apply Vampirism's healing effect when imbibed.

Blood Mist

The blood material produced from the Blood Mist spell can be ingested directly or by bottling it in a Potion. However, drinking it does not apply the healing effect for Vampirism. Like other mist materials produced from Mist spells, it has a very short lifetime and will cease to exist after only 10 frames, although this lifetime does not apply while it is sealed in a Potion flask.


  • You normally bleed the fading variant of blood when harmed (see #Blood (Fading) below). This does not give Vampirism benefits if drunk, and very quickly evaporates on contact with air.
  • Many creatures emit blood when injured or killed. Different spells cause different levels of bleeding. This is mostly based on the damage type, where "Slice" is the most effective in producing blood.
    • The More Blood perk increases the amount of emissions given off by all creature injuries, including you, and converts the blood emitted to the non-fading variant, if applicable.
    • Destroyed corpses may produce much more blood, especially if Chainsaw is used to destroy them which can even result in large lakes of it.
    • Certain corpses will not, such as most fire based enemies, whose corpses are made of Volcanic Rock.
  • When selecting a perk at the Holy Mountain, the altar will produce small amounts of blood unless you have not killed any enemies on the level before (indirect kills do not count). If no enemies were killed, it will give off water instead.
  • When picking up wands in the world from pedestals a small amount is emitted as the pedestal lights up. You can pick up the wand after an enemy has already grabbed the wand and the effect will still happen.
  • There are several spells available that can be used to produce blood, either directly or through transmutation.
  • Blood can appear as one of the starter potions.
  • Blood can be chosen as an outcome of Fungal Shift or Chaotic Transmutation.
  • Thrown by Puistokemisti.
  • Can appear as a random potion.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
40 [fire] + Frozen Blood [fire] + Blood
70 [lava] + Blood (Any) Volcanic Rock + Steam
3 Blood (Solid) + Air Blood (Fading) + Air
10 Blood + Poison Slime + Smoke
10 Blood + Poison Gas Slime + Smoke
35 Flummoxium + Blood + Oil Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine + Unstable Polymorphine
5 Fungal Spore (Red) + Blood Fungal Spore (Red) + Air
100 Silver + Copper + Blood Diamond + Smoke + Smoke
80 Purifying Powder + Blood Purifying Powder + Water
50 [acid] + Blood [acid] + Flammable Gas
100 Corrupted Rock + Frozen Blood Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Frozen Blood Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Frozen Blood Gold + Gold

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Spells that deal slicing damage cause their victims to bleed a lot.