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Swamp is a two part liquid material that is sometimes found in the Fungal Caverns, Underground Jungle, and Overgrown Cavern.


Swamp gives the Effect wet.png Wet stain just like ordinary water. There are two different variants, one of which is an opaque brown sludge texture with green hues, the other is similar to water with a slight murky tint.

Swamp is often not generated with biomes, but the materials used by the reactions very frequently spawn together at the same location and immediately start reacting to produce swamp by the time you arrive.

The main variant is an opaque, muddy green-brown liquid. Swamp can be found in small pockets of biomes that receive the plant-infested modifier.

The water variant is a murky but translucent green color, and can be made by mixing Toxic Sludge with Mud or either variant of Swamp. On occasion, mixing Toxic Sludge with Water in the proximity of Soil will also generate some Mud and thus also swamp water. When disturbed, Swamp Water tends to form Peat, which is a lighter green liquid that tends to float on the surface of swamp and other water-like liquids. Peat is very flammable, and can sometimes cause the entire body of original liquid to boil into steam if enough Peat has formed.



Most notably, swamp will be created naturally after an area has been loaded because of Water coming into contact with:

Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
15 Mud + Toxic Sludge Mud + Swamp (Water)
15 Swamp + Toxic Sludge Swamp + Swamp (Water)
1 Swamp + Water Swamp + Swamp (Water)
17 Swamp (Water) + Toxic Sludge Swamp (Water) + Swamp (Water)
6 Swamp (Water) + Air Peat + Air
10 Water + Soil (Lush) Swamp + Soil
10 Water + Fungal Soil Swamp + Soil
60 [fire] + Swamp (All variants) [fire] + Water
60 [lava] + Swamp (All variants) [lava] + Water
50 [acid] + Swamp (All variants) [acid] + Flammable Gas
80 Purifying Powder + Swamp (All variants) Purifying Powder + Water
90 Freezing Liquid + Swamp Freezing Liquid + Ice


Comparison of two variants of Swamp, the water variant on the left with Peat appearing on the surface, and thick variant on the right.