Overgrown Cavern

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The Overgrown Cavern is a biome under the Desert east of the Pyramid. It is a massive, fungus-infested area full of deadly enemies.

Along with great danger, Chests, Item Pedestals and high-tier Wands are very common here. Due to this, the Overgrown Cavern is also referred to as Wandmart in community discussions.

A smaller pocket of this biome can also be found between the Power Plant and the Wizards' Den.

On the far eastern end of the larger biome, a ??? room can be found.

Layout and Hazards

The Overgrown Cavern is mostly made up of chunks of Fungal Soil, with piles of Weird Fungus and Blue Sand being plentiful. Occasionally, one can find pools of Water and small caves of Toxic Rock containing either Chests, items, or wands, similar to the ones found in the Fungal Caverns. Giant explosive fungi are also abundant here, along with an unique green-colored variant that splashes Acid in addition to exploding. As Fungal Soil is immune to corrosion, Acid pools become increasingly common while traversing the zone.

A few areas constantly spawn one of two possible traps within them. One are small, volatile green mushrooms that spawn in bunches and when triggered, they cause a small explosion and spawn a few Myrkkynääpikkä, who can also trigger other nearby shrooms when exploding. The other variant are constant Prickly Spore Pods, detonating in small puffs of fire and a handful of spikes that damage everything around them.

As most of the enemies and vegetation in this biome are fungal and/or explode when triggered, they are naturally highly flammable and vulnerable to Fire damage. While this could be useful, this can cause an uncontrollable chain reaction of fires, explosions, and broken Potions that might contain hazardous liquids, sometimes without any player intervention at all.

Detonating an Acid Fungus.
A Myrkkynääpikkä trap repeatedly triggering itself.

Enemies and Hazards

The Overgrown Cavern shares a few enemies with the Fungal Caverns, along with a few exclusive fungus enemies. All of the latter explode violently on death, destroying terrain, setting it ablaze and dealing high damage to anything within the blast. Without immunities, extreme caution is advised.

Exploration Tips

  • Explosion Immunity or other perks that give similar effects can invalidate nearly all fungal enemies, except for the Huhtasieni's projectiles.
    • Fire Immunity is also advised, as the explosions can also cause fires.
  • As Weird Fungus tends to pile up in this biome, you will often be under the Slimy effect. A Teleport Bolt wand or some other way of movement is recommended to mitigate the speed reduction.
  • Terrain destruction will spread Acid over the biome, which will not go away on its own. Be careful of where you land, as it could easily eat away large chunks of health.
  • Kiukkumöykky and the Möykky they spawn should either be dealt with quickly or avoided, as the could knock you down into pools of Acid or crowds of enemies.

Void Liquid Exploit

It is possible to destroy the entire biome with Void Liquid because the ground is mostly made up of Fungal Soil. Using a drop of Toxic Sludge and Worm Blood can create void liquid, flooding from the top to the bottom of the overgrown cavern.

Most non-flying enemies, items, and props will either be destroyed or fall down, while wands will remain in the place they were. It is highly recommended to have a Teleport Bolt or other sort of movement wand when doing this.

Mixing Toxic Sludge and Worm Blood in Fungus will cause a massive chain reaction.


Music that plays here includes:

Track 14 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Audition of The Fungi King".[1]

Track 18 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Taste of Fabulous Tentacles".[2]