Overgrown Cavern

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Overgrown Cavern is an area found in two locations: the larger one beneath the Desert, to the East of the Sandcave, just above a second Sandcave, and the smaller one in between Wizards' Den and Power Plant.

The ground is mostly made up of Fungal Soil with Weird Fungus being plentiful. There are also occasional piles of Blue Sand, some sections with Toxic Rock or Blue Fungus, and pools of Water. Mid to high tier wands and health Pickups are very common in this biome.

On the far eastern edge of the biome, a ??? room can be reached.

Enemies and Hazards

This spore infested hole houses mostly enemies usually found in the Fungal Caverns, with a larger emphasis on shrooms, plus a few additional mushroom-themed creatures. Those take up the majority of creatures inside, which makes this place extremely unstable.

At any moment one may jump from around the corner and explode, detonating a nearby acid-filled spore ball with it. Be very cautious traveling through this volatile but rewarding place.


  • Spore balls like those found in fungal caverns
  • Larger, more mushroom-shaped versions of the typical exploding spore balls
  • Green spore balls that release acid upon destruction
  • Small green mushrooms that tend to launch upwards when disturbed to release small explosive mushroom enemies
  • Prickly Spore Pod traps
  • Acid pools, as both blue sand and fungal soil resist it.


Destroying a mushroom-like explosive spore ball.
An acid-filled spore ball exploding.
A green trapped mushroom spawning explosive critters.


Music that plays here includes:

Track 14 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Audition of The Fungi King".[1]

Track 18 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 is titled "Taste of Fabulous Tentacles".[2]