Desert Chasm

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The Desert Chasm is a very long series of small and large isolated caverns, eventually leading down to an orb room at the very bottom.


The Desert Chasm consists mostly of rock and other easily diggable materials, arranged in spiral and wavy formations without much in the way of distinguishing features. Spells for digging are essential to get anywhere at all, as there are no continuous passages leading to the bottom.

Above the orb room is an underground lake biome called Water.


Upper areas of the Desert Chasm are mostly populated by various Hiisi, the majority of which will be:

These enemies sometimes make their way to the surface in the Desert due to holes in terrain generation.

As you approach the Wizards' Den hidden in the deeper reaches of the Desert Chasm, you may start to encounter enemies from the Mage faction, for example:


The music played here is track 6 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 titled "There's Sand in My Wand".[1]