Wizards' Den

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Wizards' Den
(Lukki Lair)

The Wizards' Dens are a series of three castle-like structures located in the lower Magical Temple, which itself connects on its west side to the Temple of the Art and on its east side to the Desert Chasm. There is an eastern and western den on the upper level of this temple; the third lies beneath the western den and descends all the way to the bottom of the Desert Chasm.

The Wizards' Den has a similar dark effect to the Magical Temple, while sharing many of the same traps and a few enemies as the Temple of the Art. Mainly though, it is filled with every variety of mage enemies.


Wizards' Den
(Magical Temple)

Lukki Lair

A Wizards' Den is present to the north of the Lukki Lair. Giving a path from Underground Jungle or The Vault to Snow Chasm and from there to the surface. This biome is extremely small.

Magical Temple

The main Wizards' Den biome exists to the east of Temple of the Art, blocked off by the Gate Guardian miniboss. This biome is also reachable from the surface by going through the Desert Chasm or Power Plant.


The Wizards' den consists of series of corridors, which are sometimes blocked by Sand. Shallow pools of Lava are scattered about. The ground has small patches of gold in it, as well as occasional large pockets of sand.

The eastern Wizards' Den in the Magical Temple is small and surrounded on all sides by Magical Temple. Underneath it is a thick layer of Cursed Rock; this layer runs east and then turns down, then east again, comprising the western boundary of the other two den structures (one beneath the other) that extend deep, containing at the bottom an Orb Room with the Cement spell and Emerald Tablet X. A second boundary of cursed rock on runs on its east side. There is a gap in the cursed rock underneath the bottom of the structure, directly underneath the Orb Room.


Points of Interest

  • Orb Room



The characteristic "Odd Brickwork" of the Wizards' Den
The characteristic Odd Brickwork