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A desolate landscape of sand and cacti. The Desert is devoid of enemies and consists mostly of barren dunes of sand with the occasional cactus here and there, along with a music machine. The most notable feature here is the large Pyramid in the center.

Crumbling ruins are scattered within the area, sometimes including Hiisi patrols nearby.

The Giant Skull

There is an unnamed feature to the west of the pyramid consisting of a giant skull.

Digging into its eye-socket and filling approximately half of it with water (about two and a half potions worth) will spawn a permanent portal leading to the Lake on the western side of the world.

The desert heat will evaporate the water quite quickly, so use of a spell like Rain Cloud or Water Trail is generally much easier than trying to fill it from potion bottles.


  • Sometimes world generation makes a hole in the ground here which allows enemies from the Desert Chasm to reach the surface. These are mid-game enemies and can be hard to fight in the beginning.


The music played as you enter the Desert is track 6 of Noita Official Soundtrack vol. 1 and is titled "There's Sand in My Wand".[1]


  • Nov 5 2019: The Giant Skull SPOILER: no longer summons Kolmisilmän koipi when filled, instead creating a portal to the Lake .


The Desert
Giant Skull