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Weird Fungus is a collection of powder materials found in various biomes in Noita that induces Effect trip.png Tripping when ingested.


Weird Fungus can be easily walked through, although it does not provide air and can cause suffocation if one remains inside it for too long.

Unlike most materials, it will slowly grow upwards, usually forming slender columns. If a moderate amount falls down due to the ground beneath it being destroyed, the movement seems to accelerate its growth, quickly generating massive spires of pink fungus. Pouring it from a Powder Pouch from great height can create massive towers of fungus.

If ingested, causes you to receive the Effect trip.png Tripping status effect. This causes visual and aural distortions. If further amounts are ingested, the distortions increase, and at high levels of the Tripping status, strange eyes will open and close at random in the background, with an accompanying sound effect. When the tripping status progresses to Effect trip.png Tripping balls (180s), a Fungal Reality Shift will occur.

Weird Fungus is highly flammable and will quickly burn away if exposed to Fire or Lava.

Green and Yellow Fungus

The green and yellow variants, labelled "Fungus", are rarer variants of Weird Fungus, and behave in identical fashions. Like Mystery Fungus, they will not be removed if Weird Fungus is removed by a Fungal Reality Shift. Unlike Mystery Fungus, they will break into the green and yellow versions of Slime (respectively) instead of Fungus Blood.

Green fungus can be found in some rare structures in the Mines, however, Yellow fungus may be unobtainable.


  • Weird Fungus grows out of Fungal Soil, which is commonly found in the Fungal Caverns and Overgrown Cavern. Even though these biomes don't have Weird Fungus on biome generation, it will quickly grow off screen as you approach.
  • Weird Fungus has a chance to appear in a rare structure found in the Mines or Collapsed Mines.
  • Weird Fungus appears within the giant mushroom structure in the Desert Chasm.
  • There is a 10.7% chance that a Powder Pouch is Materialpouch fungi.png Weird Fungus.
  • There is a chance of Weird Fungus being the outcome of a Fungal Reality Shift.
  • Green fungus can be found naturally lining rare cave structures in the Mines and Collapsed Mines.
  • Very rare chance of obtaining any powder variant of Weird Fungus as a random material potion from a Treasure Chest or Great Treasure Chest.


The corpse variant can be found as the corpses of the following enemies.


  • It is possible for a Fungal Reality Shift to remove both Weird Fungus and Fungus Blood from the world, making it harder to trip.
  • If you have a scarce amount of Weird Fungus, you can make more of it easily by pouring it at a great height from a pouch. This makes the fungus grow rapidly as it falls. Getting a new full pouch of fungus can be done instantly this way.
    • This is most easily done in the Chasm to the east of the lava lake, and can result in most, or all, of the chasm being fungus.
  • Fungus can eventually "settle", making it no longer affected by gravity, but can still be moved through.


The interactions with Weird Fungus and Air grow fungus up with 8% probability and down with 30% probability.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
2 [grows_fungus] + Air Weird Fungus + Air
100 Toxic Sludge + Worm Blood + Weird Fungus Void Liquid + Void Liquid
8 Weird Fungus + Air Weird Fungus + Weird Fungus
30 Weird Fungus + Air Weird Fungus + Weird Fungus
40 Pus + [fungus] Weird Fungus + Weird Fungus
70 [lava] + Slime (Green) Fungus (Green) + Fungal Gas
70 [lava] + Slime (Yellow) Fungus (Yellow) + Fungal Gas
80 Purifying Powder + Weird Fungus (Powders) Purifying Powder + Water
50 [acid] + Weird Fungus (Powders) [acid] + Flammable Gas
8 Lava + Weird Fungus (Powders) Lava + Fire
100 Corrupted Rock + Weird Fungus (All Variants) Corrupted Rock + Corrupted Rock
100 Draught of Midas + Weird Fungus (All Variants) Draught of Midas + Gold
90 Gas of Midas + Weird Fungus (All Variants) Gold + Gold
100 Void Liquid + Weird Fungus (All Variants) Void Liquid + Void Liquid
10 Weird Fungus (All Variants) + Brass Funky Cloud + Funky Cloud
60 Diminution + Weird Fungus (All Variants) Diminution + Sand
40 Pus + Weird Fungus (All Variants) Weird Fungus + Weird Fungus


Green Fungus cave rarely found in the Mines.
Weird Fungus structure found in the Mines.
Piles of Weird Fungus that grew from Fungal Soil in the Fungal Caverns.

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  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Added yellow fungus.
    • Green and yellow fungus can now be created by mixing lava with green and yellow slime respectively.
    • Now reacts with brass to create funky cloud.
  • Oct 11 2019:
    • The [impure] tag was added to Weird Fungus and Green Fungus.
    • The reaction to make Void Liquid was added.