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Mämmi (listen Audio.svg) is a very rare brown powder that looks extremely similar to Excrement and Soil.

Along with Juhannussima and Sima, it has a 10% chance to replace Potions during the Easter holiday event. Outside of the holiday, it can only spawn from the Great Treasure Chest's random Potion pool.


Much like Excrement, Mämmi is non-solid to creatures and they will pass through the material without stopping. Despite this, liquids and other powders are stopped by it like any other powder. It also removes stains from creatures that pass through it.

Consuming Mämmi will give you a permanent status effect called Effect mammi eater.png The Loathsome Mämmi Eater (flavor text = "You have a persistent nickname. Cause: Ingesting mämmi."). This status effect does nothing, but cannot be removed without starting a new run.


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  • In real life, Mämmi is a Finnish rye pudding which is traditionally eaten as a dessert around Easter.[1]
  • The extreme similarity to Excrement is likely inspired by its real life appearance sometimes heavily resembling excrement.
  • The name of the status effect is a direct reference to a character from the video game Elden Ring known as Dung Eater. In the introductory cutscene of the game they are referred to by the narrator as 'The loathsome Dung Eater.' This phrase became an internet meme after the game's initial launch, likely leading to its inclusion in Noita.



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