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Sima (listen Audio.svg) is a rare liquid material. Submerging yourself in it gives you the Effect wet.png Wet effect - however, it does not behave like water, i.e. it does not turn toxic sludge into water and does not react with lava. Consumption will give you the Effect drunk.png Tipsy effect for a maximum of one second. It reacts with Odd Brickwork to create small amounts of Teleportatium and slightly more Smoke in comparison.

It may have a chance to spawn in regular play.

Kiuaskivi does not destroy the liquid when submerged

On April 30 and May 1 (holiday of Vappu), Sima has 20% chance spawning in every potion.

There is a chance for Sima to be the outcome of a Fungal Shift.


Inherits additional reactions with the [water] tag that are not listed here.

Reaction Rate Reagents Products
80 [lava] + Sima Rock (Mossy) + Fire
80 Purifying Powder + Sima Purifying Powder + Water

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  • Apr 8 2024: Now reacts with lava to create mossy rock.