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The Kiuaskivi (listen Audio.svg) (also known as Brimstone) is an inventory item. It acts as a portable Fire, and as such will ignite flammable materials and vaporize liquids on touch, but it can also be destroyed if dropped in Slime. It will not ignite you, though, and when held grants immunity to fire damage (but it does not prevent you from being set on fire, unlike the Fire Immunity perk). While holding it, Stendari will become peaceful towards you, unless attacked.


  • The evaporating properties of this item makes it ideal for quickly getting rid of large bodies of Water, turning it all into Steam. This is useful for the exploring the Dark Cave to the west of the Mines, though you'll still likely require a method of seeing through the darkness to avoid getting lost in there.
  • The Fire Immunity is not immediately lost upon unequipping or throwing the Kiuaskivi. This can allow you to attack or douse yourself while standing in flames, without taking damage. The protection lasts for only 1-2 seconds before you start taking fire damage again.
  • Unlike normal fire, it can evaporate Toxic Sludge. However, it creates toxic gas in the process.
  • Because it makes Stendari passive this can be a good way of avoiding harder fights in the early game.


  • The literal translation of the name means "stove stone" (see kiuaskivi). This is in reference to a sauna stove, which traditionally has stones on top of it. Water is thrown on the stones to produce steam, making the sauna hotter.
  • The stone originally lit up the Dark Cave as well, but that was later removed during Early Access testing.
  • Neither the stone, nor the sulphur that the item is made from, have any direct reactions with slime whilst it is held. This reaction comes from the sulphur material being perpetually on fire and inheriting fire reactions.

Other methods of obtaining

A Kiuaskivi can be reliably obtained by picking up the Essence of Fire and removing it via the Essence Eater.


Showcasing what happens if you drop the Kiuaskivi in front of a Stendari