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The Tannerkivi (listen Audio.svg) (also known as Earth Stone) is an inventory item. When held, it converts materials tagged with [earth] in a ring around itself into soil. At all times, it causes your kicks to create a miniature earthquake around you.


  • This item can be extremely helpful for digging, as it can turn tougher and harder materials into soil which you can easily dig through. Personal Plasma Beam or a Paha Silmä are useful for this process.
  • Kicking becomes exceedingly dangerous, as the earthquake happens even if it's not being held.
    • This can be advantageously used in areas with large groups of enemies or enemies with higher health, though still ill-advised due to the mass of what is loosened being entirely random, and may result in your death if the mass is shaped and/or positioned incorrectly.
  • When the earthquake is triggered, everything it loosens becomes a rigid body composed of Collapsed Concrete, despite retaining the texture of the original material.
  • The falling rigid body debris from any caused earthquake can be safely converted into loose soil if the item is held and the debris contacts the conversion ring. Debris within the ring will not be converted. This can speed up digging efforts and reduce the danger from debris. You can however inadvertently bury yourself in the falling soil.
  • The "soilification" can also be dangerous, as it causes nearby explosive canisters and barrels to also convert into soil and detonate due to loss of physical mass.
  • The Gods will be none too pleased about holy ground being transmuted to soil.


A Tannerkivi can only be reliably obtained by picking up the Essence of Earth and removing it via the Essence Eater.


  • Despite its name, "Tannerkivi" is not an actual word [translates to "Tanner stone"]. The actual Finnish word for "Earth Stone" is "Maapallokivi".
  • It bears the alchemical rune for earth.
  • It causes you to emit red particles when in the inventory.
  • In the game's files, the item is referred to as a "stone stone".
  • In earlier versions of the game, it was occasionally possible to find a Tannerkivi on item pedestals.