Chaos Die

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The Chaos Die is an Item that can be found in the world, appearing as a very large die with one of several dice face visible on it. Unlike most items, the Chaos Die cannot spawn in the world until the Ylialkemisti mini-boss has been defeated at least once before.


The Chaos Die can be picked up and thrown like other items. When kicked, shot, or thrown with enough force the Chaos Die will "roll," indicated by the face of the die rapidly switching between various textures.

The chance for a :( or :) face to appear is very slim (0.5%, or 1/200).

Depending on what you roll, special text will appear in the down left corner.

Event Message
Die is rolling The Die is rolling...
A number is rolled The die rolled a (number)!
:) is rolled You're extremely lucky!
:( is rolled You're extremely unlucky!


Face Effect % Chance
1 Fires a burst of Jäätiö projectiles (ice bolts) around itself. 16.5%
2 Fires a burst of Lightning Bolts around itself. 16.5%
3 Fires a burst of Fireballs around itself. 16.5%
4 Fires a burst of fast lasers around itself. 16.5%
5 Spawns 8 Laahustussieni on itself. They do not drop gold when killed. 16.5%
6 Fires a burst of Tentacles around itself. 16.5%
:( Casts a Circle of Acid spell. This version of the spell ignores terrain. 0.5%
:) Casts a Circle of Vigour spell. 0.5%


Rolling a 2 on some gunpowder
Rolling the unlucky frown