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The Vuoksikivi (listen Audio.svg) (also known as Water Stone) is an inventory item. It gives a small watery effect around you, and adds the Effect wet.png Wet status effect at 100%, removing any other stain. It has a chance to be dropped from a Great Treasure Chest.

This item will protect you from fire without extinguishing it. It will solidify lava into Volcanic Rock, materials tagged with [hot] will become smoke, and materials tagged with [molten] will turn into rock. While held, your oxygen bar will not decrease, similar to the Breathless perk. It will not, however, allow you to regain breath if you pull it out while you have lost your breath.

While it will replace status effects with Effect wet.png Wet, it will not do so if you are submerged. For example, if you are in a pool of Toxic Sludge and don't have Toxic Immunity, you will receive damage until you exit the pool. Upon leaving, the Effect radioactive.png Toxic effect will immediately be removed.

If water is fungal shifted, the water stone will stain with the new material's properties instead of Effect wet.png Wet.


  • This item is especially useful for navigating through lava or fire.
  • Equipping this around enemies will also give them the Effect wet.png Wet status effect. Keep this in mind when around Healers that have been Effect charm.png Charmed with pheromone. This can be used to very quickly kill certain enemies with vulnerability to water, such as Stendari.

Other Methods of Obtaining

A Vuoksikivi can be reliably obtained by picking up the Essence of Water and removing it via the Essence Eater.


Being submerged in something other than Water with the Water Stone will replace the Effect wet.png Wet status effect.
The Water Stone protects from fires without extinguishing them.
When thrown, the Water Stone won't extinguish fires.