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The Greed Die is a rare item that can be found in the world after activating the Curse of Greed. While the curse is active, every Chaos Die that is spawned will instead become a Greed Die. It is a more potent version of the normal Die, with drastic negative and positive effects.


The Greed Die can be picked up and thrown like other items. When thrown, kicked, or shot, the Greed Die will "roll," indicated by the face of the die rapidly switching between various textures.

The chance for a :( or chest face to appear is very slim, at just 1% for either, 0.5% for one or the other individually. Depending on what you roll, special text will appear in the bottom left corner.

Event Message
Die is rolled The Die is rolling
A number is rolled The die rolled a (number)!
The chest is rolled You're extremely lucky!
The :( is rolled Gotcha!


Face Effect % Chance
1 Spawns 4 Giga Black Holes. 16.5%
2 Fires a 8 Meteors around itself. 16.5%
3 Fires 16 Plasma Beams around itself. 16.5%
4 Spawns 160 gold in form of small gold nuggets. 16.5%
5 Spawns 600 gold in form of medium gold nuggets. 16.5%
6 Spawns 1600 Gold in form of large gold nuggets. 16.5%
:( Spawns multiple Omega Sawblades. 0.5%
Chest Spawns 2 Great Treasure Chests. 0.5%


Rolling a 1.
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