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The New Sun (in-game name Uusi Aurinko) is an object created by finishing the Auringonsiemen questline. As would be expected of a star, being in its vicinity will deal large amounts of damage. The sparks emit fire damage, the aura around it deals curse damage, and contact with the Sun itself deals Midas damage.


Around the leftmost side of the Desert, there is a brickwork structure with a mushroom and two arrows pointing down engraved into it.

By traveling straight down from it, through the Desert Chasm, you will eventually run into a peculiar sight. A huge, stone mushroom with a narrow tunnel on the bottom part.

Walking to the end of the tunnel while carrying a Effect trip.png Tripping status effect for at least 180 seconds will cause the inside of the structure to turn into Rainbow Liquid, which will reveal a map within, highlighting the locations of the fungal altars:

  • The western edge of the Coal Pits' Fungal Caverns.
  • Directly above the Brickwork structure with fungus glyphs on the western edge of the Desert.
  • The middle of the left side of the Power Plant.
  • Around the middle of the bottom part of The Vault.
  • The top-right corner of the Overgrown Cavern.

Holding a Paha Silmä inside one causes a rainbow mushroom with three eyes to appear. If you then start tripping, a special book will appear, containing a hint for completing one of the phases. Approaching the altars with Tripping for at least 180 seconds will reveal its respective notebook, each one detailing on a step of the process of its creation.

Notes on Grand Alchemy (Coal Pits)

Among the great alchemical endeavors there are some that,
while not equal to the Great Work, nonetheless are revered greatly
for the deific potence they instill to whomsoever succeeds
in harnessing their power.
The One I am about to discuss calls for a Seed of great promise, hidden deep within the Soil of this Earth...

Notes on Grand Alchemy (Desert)

...Bring the slumbering Seed to life by letting it soak in the rays of the Sun, on the pinnacle of past civilizations...

Notes on Grand Alchemy (Power Plant)

The alchemical process requires great Fire and Heat; for this purpose,
lay the Stone in Fiery Earth and bring forth its transformation with great magical Heat of Destruction...

Notes on Grand Alchemy (The Vault)

...Once finished, it will sustain life; to this end, its Creation asks for a substantial amount
of Life Force. Let the Egg engulf One Hundred of your Foes and drink their Blood...

Notes on Grand Alchemy (Overgrown Cavern)

...As a final step, imbue the Youngling with the crystallized Essences of
the Four Elements. But beware, for the Youngling is susceptible to corruptive influence...

Obtaining these clues is not necessary for the process, however.

Creating the New Sun

After obtaining the Auringonsiemen, the first step is to throw it on the top of the Pyramid, where after a few seconds it'll transform into the Sun Stone (In-game name Aurinkokivi). Caution is advised, as the initial transformation and the Sun Stone itself will emit red particles that rapidly deal Curse damage, similar to those in collapsed Holy Mountains.

The Sun Egg.

The second step is to expose the Aurinkokivi to six or more explosions in a time span of one second.

It is recommended to attempt this step inside of or nearby either moon, so you don't have to move the Sun Egg far after creating it.

Spells that can be used for this purpose are:

Additionally, instead of aforementioned spells, one instance of either Giga Nuke, Sea of Lava or the celestial beam from Sädekivi will suffice. Doing so will transform it into the Sun Egg (In-game name Auringonmuna), crumbling and dissolving all materials around, dealing Fire damage to anything around it, and showing this message:

A transformation happens!Something has changed...

Depending on what spells you used to create the The Sun Egg, it may move rapidly away from you after you create it. Having a Kuu in hand will make it come closer to you. It can be pulled by Black Hole, or pushed by Burst of Air. The Sun Egg can also be partially destroyed by explosions, or a touch of spell, allowing you to move it with telekinetic kick. Obviously, utmost care must be taken, lest you touch the Sun Egg and lose a large chunk of your health. Using six Dormant Crystals is a reliable way to create a Sun Egg that does not move initially.

The Sun Egg will decay and break apart over time.

The third step is to simply kill enough enemies by exposing them to the Sun Egg. Those spawned by spells like Summon Egg or Summon Taikasauva (Swarm Spells, or at least Fly Swarm, does not work) will also count. After this, the Sun egg will grow larger and brighter, turning into the Star Child (in-game name Tähdenpoikanen). It will start pulling things into itself, and the message appears again:

A transformation happens!Something has changed...

At this point, the Sun can turn various materials into Lava. It also will not break apart or decay.

From this point on, the Kuu will have a stronger gravitational effect on the Sun, and the Kuulokivi will also somewhat more weakly attract the Sun.

You can still move the Sun with spells. Spark Bolt with Trigger or Double Trigger is a simple and effective way to move the Sun. If the Sun enters a Moon, it will gravitate toward the center of the moon.

The final step is to throw the four elemental stones at the Star Child. Each one making it grow slightly in size along with causing a different change in it:

  • Throwing in a Vuoksikivi will turn it a purple tone.
  • Throwing in a Tannerkivi will turn it a green tone and increase its gravitational pull.
  • Throwing in a Kiuaskivi will turn it a reddish tone and increase its Fire damage.
  • Throwing in an Ukkoskivi will turn it a bright blue tone and make it start shooting lightning bolts at random directions.
The new Sun newly created.

After sacrificing all elemental stones to it, the Star Child will transform into the New Sun, and display the following message:

A transformation happens!It is done

Bringing the New Sun or creating it in the center of the Moon and destroying it will bring forth another message:

It is goneThe Old are devoured for the New to take their place

After doing this, devouring the Dark Moon by either bringing the New Sun down to it or creating a second one in it will display yet another message:

As above, so below...The new heart of the world is at balance.

Creating the New Sun, and devouring both Moons with it will unlock their respective Achievement Pillars.

The Dark Sun

Throwing in a Kakkakikkare at the Sun Egg before throwing the last of the 4 elemental stones during the last step will corrupt the process. The resulting new sun will nearly double in size and transform into the Dark Sun (In-game name Pimeä Aurinko) and bring forth a message:

Something went wrong...!Everything is not right here...

The Dark Sun has a powerful gravitational pull and will deal massive damage to anything that falls into it, similar to a Giga Black Hole spell.

Creating the Dark Sun will unlock its Achievement Pillar. Devouring both Moons with it, will unlock an Achievement Pillar as well and display the message:

As Above, So Below, but...The new heart of the world grows with corruption at its center

Note that the Dark sun is slightly larger than the New sun.


Killing Kolmisilmä through exposure to the New Sun will award a "Benign Sunshine!" gold statue in The Work (End), along with an Achievement Pillar.

Devouring the Moon with the New Sun and the Dark Moon with the Dark sun, although not unlocking a Pillar, will award you with a crown cosmetic on Minä, along with spawning the respective Suns in place of the Moons. However, bringing any of the Suns to their opposite Moon and letting it devour it will reverse these changes. The crown cosmetic will not be removed, even if the suns are changed

Combining the dark sun and new sun (through hacks or otherwise) results in a unique explosion sound, a cluster of white and red particles, and everything in the area fungal shifting into fire.

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