The Work (End)

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The Work, along with a few reward statues.

The Work (End) is one of 3 places in the game bearing the name "The Work". It is the final area of the game, reached through the red portal spawned after defeating Kolmisilmä. Completing The Work here by slotting in the Sampo at the center altar will trigger a huge circular wave that turns the whole world and everything in it into Gold and Gold Vein, (including you!) which will (likely) kill you and give you the Victory achievement. The text on the background reads "WHAT YOU DESERVE".

Reward Statues

Completing The Work with a few requirements will earn you a few reward statues in the room.

Statue Name Requirement Value
Gold reward sprite.png Golden Statue No other reward statues were earned. 8000 Gold nugget.png, plus another 8000 Gold nugget.png per every Orb of True Knowledge obtained through the run.
Reward nolla.png No Gold[1] Don't pick up any Gold for the duration of the run. This includes both Gold nuggets and Gold dust. 500,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward dollar.png All The Monies Reach 500,000 gold. 100,000 Gold nugget.png
Giant dollar.png Giant Monies Reach 1,000,000 gold. Cannot be picked up
Reward almostpacifist.png Almost a Pacifist Kill Kolmisilmä only. 100,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward sun.png Benign Sunshine![1] Kill Kolmisilmä through exposure to the Uusi Aurinko. 70,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward peace.png Pacifist[1] Don't kill throughout the run. 150,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward kicksonly.png The Mighty Foot Don't fire a single spell and kick at least once during the run. 100,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward nohit.png[2] Undamaged[1] Dont take any damage throughout the run. 500,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward nowands.png No Wands All biomes must be entered without any wands in your inventory. See footnote for nuances.[3] 100,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward notinkeringofwands.png Abstained From Wand Tinkering Do not tinker wands throughout the run. 100,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward clock.png Dedicated to 5 Minutes[1] Reach The Work within 5 minutes 100,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward minit.png 1 Minute?![1] Reach The Work within 1 minute 100,000 Gold nugget.png
Reward crown.png King Collect 12 Orbs of True Knowledge. 350,000 Gold nugget.png

Surviving the Work

You may be able to survive completing The Work in a few different ways, for example:

  • If you have the Saving Grace perk, you may survive.
  • Having several Extra Lives will allow you to resist a tick of the instakill effect.
  • If you are able to flee to the corner of the room quickly enough (perhaps with the aid of the Faster Movement perk or Teleport), you can outrun the death wave that follows the gold transmutation. Note that there is a certain radius of effect where you will still die, so it may help to dig out a half-screen or so from the edge of the room with Acid or Black Holes.

Being under the effects of an Ambrosia potion will not help, as it will become gold too.


After the Work is completed, every material in the world is turned into gold. All liquids and powders are turned into normal gold, while solid terrain will be turned into Gold Vein. Almost all organic and inorganic materials and creatures will turn into gold.

All enemies turned into gold will die instantly. Only a few creatures, like the Houre and the Hämähäkki (And Minä if they have a way to circumvent the instakill effect) are immune to the Work's power. The few creatures that aren't killed by the Work will bleed gold instead of their usual bodily fluid, and crumble into gold dust upon death.

However, there are a few things that will remain (mostly) unaffected by the Work. Wands and Spells will survive the effect, but their particles will become golden. This also affects any shield Minä has, which will also be golden. All Touch of spells will acquire the effects of Touch of Gold, turning everything in the blast radius into more gold instead of the described material. Explosives will still detonate, but their explosions and their particles will become gold.

The Holy Mountains' portals will cease to work, as all Teleportatium in the world will turn into gold as well.


The Work (End) is found at x = 6355 y = 15170 (y axis goes up the lower you are).


  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 Also found on the Pillar of Accomplishments.
  2. The beard shape is a reference to the gamer McQueeb who made the first recorded achievement of this.
  3. After a biome is entered without wands for the first time, subsequent entries with wands will not forfeit eligibility for the statue, so it's possible to leave wands in a previous biome, enter the new biome, return to the old biome and pick up the wands. Or (in the case of Holy Mountains), wands can be dropped into the new biome and picked up after the biome entry message is displayed.
    Biomes which repeat in multiple locations, such as Fungal Caverns or Holy Mountains, will only check for wands the first time they are entered, so e.g. once you have entered one Holy Mountain without wands, you can carry wands into subsequent Holy Mountains without losing eligibility for the statue. But wands must be removed before exiting any Holy Mountain and entering into the new biome below.

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