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The Ukkoskivi (listen Audio.svg) (also known as Thunderstone) is an inventory item. While held in your hand, Ukkoskivi produces a periodic electric shock and provides electrical immunity. The electric current rapidly passes through conductive materials such as water or steel, and will stun and damage any non-immune creature it touches.

Thunder Mages become peaceful to any holder of Ukkoskivi.


  • Unequipping or throwing Ukkoskivi cancels its electrical immunity immediately.
    • Take care before leaving conductive pools and materials.
  • If thrown into a body of conducting liquid, Ukkoskivi can be quite difficult to retrieve safely.
  • The periodic electric shock will detonate nearby traps and volatile items.
  • Ukkoskivi can appear when opening a Treasure Chest, including one that is submerged. Opening a submerged chest might instantly kill you, activating them from afar or draining the water may be advised.

Other methods of obtaining

An Ukkoskivi can be reliably obtained by picking up the Essence of Air and then removing it via the Essence Eater.