Broken Wand

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The Broken Wand is an inventory Item. While no longer in its original condition, it still crackles with magical energy. After throwing, the wand will start to cast spells in from its tip for a few seconds before becoming idle once again. The recoil from the spells it casts will cause it to tumble randomly, affecting where it shoots.

Broken wands can be repaired by throwing them onto the anvil to the far right side of the Hiisi base. Doing so will spawn a random Tier 5+ wand, typically with good stats or strong spells.


  • The spells available to the wand are Spark Bolt, Summon Arrow, Bubble Spark, Magic Arrow, and Summon Disc Projectile. Which one the wand will cast is decided upon throwing the item. Subsequent throwing actions may select another spell from the list, so there's no way of knowing in advance exactly what it will cast.
  • Anything shot out of the broken wand can hurt you and enemies, as well as set off nearby explosives, so caution is advised if you want to use it.
  • If you are killed by the broken wand, the death message shows Killed By: ''



Throwing the broken wand
Repairing the wand