Refreshing Gourd

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The Refreshing Gourd is a rare inventory item. It appears as a small, green gourd.


The Refreshing Gourd will break when damaged or thrown hard enough, releasing a healing aura in the form of a small, circular field that heals any creatures within it, lasting a bit over two seconds. Much like the similar Circle of Vigour, the healing received scales with the target's max health, healing roughly half of it.

They only appear in two places: The Gourd Room at the western edge of the Western Cloudscape and inside the Friend Room, whose location changes with each world.

SPOILER: When Kolmisilmä comes in contact with it, it will consume the gourd and transform into a green, gourd-shaped version of itself. This is involved in the Gourd Moon and Heretic! questlines.


Using a Refreshing Gourd.
Transforming Kolmisilmä with a Refreshing Gourd.
Five Gourds in the Gourd Room

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