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Vomit is a liquid, produced when drinking or eating something in the environment that wasn't digestible. You will expel the substance after receiving the Effect food poisoning.png Food Poisoning or Effect drunk.png Wasted debuff, and will regularly throw up vomit onto the ground, losing 10% satiation every time. Certain status effects (both positive and negative) such as Effect poisoned.png Poisoned will be removed when vomiting. You will produce vomit even if there is no remaining satiation.

As vomit does not stain you, it will remove any active stains if you completely submerge yourself in it.

Spontaneous Generation allows you to turn your vomit into rat minions.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
50 [lava] + Vomit [lava] + Acid
40 Vomit + Bone (Any) Diminution + Diminution


May or may not have been food at some point...
Vomiting after eating some Swamp.


  • Apr 8 2024: Vomit now has reactions, previously it had none.