Guiding Powder

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Guiding Powder is a powder Material, created by mixing Flummoxium with Unstable Teleportatium.

This substance will ignite and burn away slowly in rainbow fireworks that point towards the nearest Orb of True Knowledge location, guiding you towards it. Note that it does not distinguish whether the orb has been collected or not, so if you are too close to an already-collected orb, the powder will just point to that location.


  • The rainbow fireworks count as projectiles, so they can be deflected by Projectile Repulsion Field or Permanent Shield perks, potentially pointing towards the wrong direction.
  • Very small quantities of Flummoxium and Unstable Teleportatium are needed to start the reaction and create multiple fireworks, so a single potion of each material could locate multiple orbs.
  • Both materials are commonly found in the Fungal Caverns, alongside many other Items and Potions, therefore it is a good location to go to when looking for orbs.
  • The powder is heavier than most liquids.
  • Unstable Teleportatium is combustible, so pouring Flummoxium into a pool of it will cause most of it to burn before converting into Guiding Powder. It is advisable to do the reaction the other way around by pouring Unstable Teleportatium into a pool of Flummoxium instead.
  • Since Worm Pheromone + Worm Blood = Flummoxium, a potion of Worm Pheromone could be turned into a potion of Flummoxium by creating vast quantities of Worm Blood from worm enemies, especially from the cocoons in Underground Jungle or the eggs in the Giant Tree


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
100 Flummoxium + Unstable Teleportatium Guiding Powder + Fire


A stream of Guiding Powder evaporating
Guiding Powder created in the first biome, pointing to the mountain altar.
Flummoxium being transformed into Guiding Powder. Despite being under a layer of Levitatium, the powder still ignites.