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Plant Material and Evergreen Seed are powder materials that can create green bushes and plants.


Plant Material and Evergreen Seed will create one of eight different plants. It must be exposed to air, otherwise it will be converted to soil. The plants will grow very quickly over the course of 11.66 seconds (700 frames).

Plant Types
Fully Grown Growth Stages
Bush growth 1.png Bush growth 1 vegetation growth.gif
Bush growth 2.png Bush growth 2 vegetation growth.gif
Bush growth 3.png Bush growth 3 vegetation growth.gif
Bush growth 4.png Bush growth 4 vegetation growth.gif
Bush growth 5.png Bush growth 5 vegetation growth.gif
Bush growth 6.png Bush growth 6 vegetation growth.gif
Bush growth 7.png Bush growth 7 vegetation growth.gif
Bush growth 8.png Bush growth 8 vegetation growth.gif

Plant Seed will become Plant Material when it receives water.

Dark Variant

The dark variant of Plant Material will create one of three grass plants.

Grass dark patch 01.png Grass dark patch 02.png Grass dark patch 03.png



Seed Variant Version Notes
1255527100 Evergreen Seed Treasure Chest at the start.
971784649 Plant Seed 5 o'clock from entrance to the Mines, under the Oil Barrel.
963618061 Plant Seed Left from spawn, in a Treasure Chest.
1046718876 Plant Seed Several flasks in Great Treasure Chest, Collapsed Mines, 7 o'clock from spawn.
1416646886 Plant Seed One flask in the mines, on the way to the collapsed mines.
302883254 Evergreen Seed In a flask near the entrance to the Mines. Down 3 levels and to the left
1764926288 Evergreen Seed Treasure Chest above the centre-most portal in Hiisi Base.


Reaction Rate Reagents Products
80 Plant Seed + Water Plant Material + Air
50 [acid] + Plant Material [acid] + Flammable Gas
50 [acid] + Plant Seed [acid] + Flammable Gas
50 [acid] + Evergreen Seed [acid] + Flammable Gas
8 Lava + Plant Material Lava + Fire
8 Lava + Plant Seed Lava + Fire
8 Lava + Evergreen Seed Lava + Fire


Plant Material and Soil created from many Arrow projectiles.

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  • Apr 8 2024: Added a dark variant of plant material.