Snowy Depths

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Shaft leading to Lava Lake

Snowy Depths

As the 3rd main biome of the game, the Snowy Depths are a series of icy caverns of frozen rock.

Layout and hazards

The Snowy Depths consist of large chunks of snow and rock in somewhat isolated formations, often connected to eachother by nothing but fragile Ice. The large wide open passages rarely result in dead ends, so backtracking is normally not an issue. Bodies of water inside the rocks are common. Other than the surface, the Snowy Depths is the most open biome in the game.

The explosive crates and barrels from earlier biomes make a return, and the volatile blue gas canisters are introduced.

Points of Interest

  • Metal Structures of various types.
    • Miscellaneous machinery that resemble engines and such.
    • A large room with a wand inside, usually with around a couple of enemies inside guarding it. Often only open on one side, usually the bottom, requiring you to dig through the snow
    • A "Hiisi Outpost" built partially of snow and metal, containing a number of Hiisi and explosives, much like a section of the Hiisi Base biome that follows this one.
    • Pipes and metal beams sticking out of the landscape. Some larger pipes are even broken open and leak Flammable Gas into the air.
    • A large metal and glass container holding a large amount of Acid.
    • A "Trap Puzzle" consisting of an active lightning trap in a metal container a short distance away from another metal container partially filled with oil. The second container contains a wand, a large rock blocking the only opening, and a wood platform holding the rock up. The rock is not damaged by explosions.
      • Theoretically, the solution is to connect the lightning trap to the other container with a conductive material (usually most liquids), where the electricity will ignite the oil and wood, dropping the rock and allowing access to the wand.
      • Take care as the lightning trap will still electrify the second container. Spells should be able to destroy the terrain beneath enough to sever the connection.
      • Of course, you can just bypass the puzzle with spells like Luminous Drill, Black Hole, or using Lava or Acid.
  • A Buried Eye that can be filled with Teleportatium or Unstable Teleportatium to activate a portal.
  • Lakes with Explosives are sometimes hidden under the ice, obscured from view. These deep pools of water contain a large amount of explosives of several kinds.


Among some familiar faces a slew of new & deadlier enemies make an appearance here, significantly upping the difficulty of the game.

Some of the rarer spawns include:

Exploration Tips

  • This area is where you will first meet a number of new Hiisi and the Tank, all of which are armed with new weapons and have surprising accuracy over long distances, even being able to attack from off-screen.
    • Combined with the aforementioned open terrain and long sightlines, you may find yourself frequently targeted by enemies that you can't see yet.
  • The Thunder Mage is one of the more dangerous enemies found in this Biome, much like the Stendari in the Mines.
  • Digging through piles of snow with short-ranged wands can be very dangerous as the snow can conceal hidden explosives.
  • The aforementioned "trap puzzles" can pose a danger to any player using spells that can flood an area, such as Circle of Water or Water Trail frequently.
  • Frozen Rock is easier to dig than its regular version.
    • Dig into the ice frequently, as there may be hidden rooms with possible chests or health upgrades.
  • On August 24th only, there is a very rare chance to encounter a special variant of the Snipuhiisi which only attacks by throwing jars of Urine. This is likely a reference to the Sniper class from Team Fortress 2.

Connected Areas

The portals at the bottom will lead you to the Hiisi Base

To the northeast you will find a large mineshaft leading back up to the Lava Lake and Mines area, providing an easy means to return to the surface at this point in the game should you wish to do so.

To the west lies the Magical Temple, a perpetually dark area you will need special means to see inside. Beyond the temple lies another Orb Room.


Capsule Puzzle

A capsule-shaped structure can appear in the Snowy Depths, similar to those found in Coal Pits. Emblazoned on the inside of the capsule is the alchemical symbol of Water, the downward-pointed triangle.

Valtikka Puzzle.png

Adding about 1 3/4 flasks of Water into the capsule will spawn Valtikka, a fairly strong Unique wand, which is guaranteed to Always Cast Piercing Shot.


  • Oct 11 2019: Added a landing platform to the biome entrance.