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The Glimmer spells will add colour to your projectiles, and reduce the cast delay by -0.13s. Their primary purpose is aesthetic, although an argument can be made for the Invisible Spell glimmer which can in some cases be used to improve performance, as it prevents spells from creating excessive amounts of particles.


The spells can be unlocked by taking one of the Emerald Tablets (must be one found beside an Orb of True Knowledge) over to the Alchemist's hut located at the right-hand edge of the Lake. Throw the tablet into the hut, and enter the portal that appears there. The portal leads to a small room directly below, which if entered via the portal, will contain an Experimental Wand, a selection of Glimmer spells, and a Kadotettu alkemisti. The room also allows wand-editing within, on the first visit.