Weakening Curse

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Weakening Curse spells are a group of projectile modifiers that cause projectiles to inflict a status effect similar to Effect vulnerable.png Vulnerable caused by Turvattomuusmestari, temporarily adding 0.25 to the afflicted targets' respective damage multipliers. Since this is a status effect, using multiple copies of the same curse will not give an additional effect (using several unique curses will still work). Enemies afflicted with a curse display an icon of the respective damage type above their heads. Curses do not remove immunities from enemies, but can increase 0x damage multipliers or negative damage multipliers, potentially making them positive.


  • Despite what the spell's in-game description says, the 25% bonus is additive, not multiplicative (i.e. an enemy with a x0.5 damage multiplier will take x0.75 damage after being cursed, rather than x0.625).
  • This can be used to make enemies with a x0 damage multiplier instead take x0.25 damage, effectively nullifying 100% or more damage resistances such as those of Kammolukki and Vakoilija.

Curse and Weakening Mage Exploit

You can exploit Turvattomuusmestari's attack to modify your damage multiplier, effectively making various attack types heal you. However, Perk immunities will block this effect. The guides below, explain in more detail. Reducing your Electricity Damage Electricity damage multiplier to 0 or less blocks the Effect electrocution.png Stunned status effect from some stunning electric attacks (e.g., Sähkiö's), but not all (e.g., not Ukko attacks). Reducing your Melee Damage Melee, Projectile Damage Projectile, and Explosion Damage Explosion damage multipliers to exactly 0 (but not lower) blocks the Effect knockback star.png Dazed status effect and associated knockback from taking damage of these types, and prevents being freeze-melee'd[1].

Weakening mage trick

Text version of image:
Explanation by Letaali
What weakening mage's debuff does
  • Disable immunities
  • Remember where the target's damage multipliers were
  • Set the target's damage multipliers to 1.2
  • At the end of the debuff, set the multipliers back to the values in memory.
What weakening curses do
  • They increase damage multipliers by 0.25, then reduce the same amount when the curse ends.
Example of the trick happening
  • You have 1.0 damage multi against projectiles. Mage hits you and sets that to 1.2. You wait for the debuff to have 4 seconds remaining and hit yourself with Projectile Weakening Curse. Mage's debuff ends and sets your multi back to 1.0. Weakening curse ends and reduces it to 0.75 meaning you take less damage from projectiles. Repeat this trick to bring the multi down further, eventually becoming a negative value.
  • Now projectiles heal you instead. Works with all weakening curses.
Guide by Fury Forged


Projectile Curse on a Magic Arrow. Note the increased damage after the first hit.


  • Apr 8 2024:
    • Added tier 10 spawn probability of 0.1 for all weakening curses.
    • Changed the spawn probabilities for Projectile, Melee, and Electricity curses on tiers 5 and 6 from 0.9 to 0.7.
    • Changed the spawn probabilities for Explosives curse on tiers 4 and 5 from 0.9 to 0.7.