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Sea of spells cause a large rectangular area some distance beneath the caster to be filled with the specified material. Only open air is filled, any existing matter remains the same at the time of casting.


  • As the conversion area is always at the same set distance beneath you, there is little chance of being immersed in the sea at the moment you cast it.
  • As Lava is both dangerous and semi-permanent, be very concious of where you cast Sea of Lava as it may be difficult to traverse the affected area afterwards for a long time.
  • Sea of Oil and Sea of Water have decent synergy with Critical on Oiled Enemies and Critical on Wet Enemies modifiers, as you can flood an area and then enter to pick off the stained enemies.
  • You can use the Sea of Acid to clear out vast areas of enemies, useful in dangerous territory like the Fungal Caverns or other treacherous places.

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