Downwards Bolt Bundle

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Downwards Bolt Bundle is a projectile modifier spell that transforms affected projectiles into 5 small falling explosive bolts shortly after they move downwards for the first time.

Each bolt has 32.5 projectile damage and 35 explosion damage with 12 radius. Bolts itself accelerate velocity. It can also damage yourself.


  • The bolts will hurt you even if you have Explosion Immunity.
  • Because of the destructive nature of this modifier, it is advised to use it with Trigger or Timer spells.
  • Using a spell with multiple projectiles, such as Triplicate Bolt or Freezing Gaze, will cause many instances to be created.

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  • Dec 19 2019:
    • Increased mana drain from 60 to 90.
    • Increased max uses from 25 to unlimited.
    • Increased cast delay from 0.25s to 0.42s.


The basic functionality of the spell.
Triplicate Bolt being used to create 3x the amount of explosive bolts.
A ridiculous amount of projectiles being made from Freezing Gaze.