Luminous Drill

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Luminous Drill is a spell that fires a short-ranged, high-penetration beam of green light. While effective in close range, Luminous Drill is also a very powerful digging spell and can cut through any material in the game, just like the Black Hole.

Also has a timer variant which has a mana drain of 30 instead of 10.


  • Stacking multiple instances of Luminous Drill with Timer can create a very long stack of the spell which acts mostly like a single long Drill, assuming they are placed in a wand with enough mana to cast them all. This can be very useful for attacking enemies through barriers, such as in the tight quarters of the Hiisi Base
  • Although the mana drain stat appears low, the spell has a negative Recharge Time (just like the Chainsaw and Digging Bolt spells) and so can quickly burn through a wand's mana reserves.
  • Using the Add Mana modifier on a wand with a low cast delay and recharge time, it is possible to create a permanent 'lightsaber' effect which can slice through most terrain like butter. Slight inaccuracy actually makes a wand like this far more efficient at tunneling, so adding a scatter modifier is recommended.
  • This spell ignores projectile shields and is generally very effective against all enemies.
  • The timer variant, while mana intensive, can be used to cast other spells through even steel walls. Additionally, since cast delay modifiers on the triggered spell are ignored, you can make any other spell fire just as fast as the Luminous Drill can.
  • When used with the Increase Duration modifier, the Luminous Drill will fire like a Magic Arrow, making this spell long-ranged. You can also achieve this effect with other modifiers and perks that increase lifetime, such as the Boomerang Spells perk, Bouncing Spells perk, or Ping-Pong Path modifier, all of which increase projectile lifetime as one of their effects.
  • It reaches the maximum speed of a projectile and its reach cannot be significantly increased by modifiers that affect projectile speed.
  • Since Luminous Drill can cut through any solid material, it makes it a bad choice for mining, as both gold powder and golden nuggets can be destroyed by its beam instantly. Golden nuggets damaged like that can be separated into multiple fragments, only one of which will be possible to pick up.


  • Often referred to as "laser sword" or "lightsaber" in the Noita community.



Attacking with a flickering Luminous Drill
Cutting through terrain with a fast-casting wand