Oil Trail

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Trail Spells
Acid Trail
Burning Trail
Fire Trail
Gunpowder Trail
Oil Trail
Poison Trail
Rainbow Trail
Water Trail
Projectile modifier spells that add a trail of a material to a projectile as it moves.

Oil Trail is a projectile modifier that makes projectiles leave behind a flowing stream of flammable oil as it travels, pooling on the ground below.


  • As oil is highly flammable, this modifier has the ability to completely flood an area with burning oil, negating any extinguishing efforts by the enemy and keeping them permanently in a burning state.
  • The Fire Immunity, Freeze Field, or Oil Blood perks are heavily recommended.
  • Sets the Effect oiled.png Oiled status for 720 frames (12 seconds) on enemies hit by affected projectiles, even if they do not actually get stained by the produced oil, and even if oil has been shifted to a different material. In combination with Critical on Oiled Enemies, this guarantees Critical Hits.

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